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5-Steps to a Beautiful Healthy Smile

With the goal to make your trip easier, our office has outlined these 5-Steps to a new smile:


Step 1

Work With Our Staff /Or Use Our Online Financial & Insurance E-Forms

Free Financing Options

Find Out If We Accept Your Insurance: Insurance Plan Information Form

Step 2

Send Your Dental Records, Images and X-rays Before Your Appointment

Send Images & X-rays

We want you to receive the maximum benefit from your consult so lets give Dr L all of the records available from previous dentists and your opinion ahead of your appointment. If you’re coming in from out of town, we assume you do not want to waste your time.

Ideally, Dr. Landers would like to review all of your “old & new” dental records before your appointment

Transfer your old dental records to our office Using this form

Request for Transfer of Records Printable Version

Fill Out Updated Health Records Two options:

  1. Fill out paper forms the day of your appointment at our office
  2. Fill out E-Forms now in advance:  New Patient Forms

For The Ultimate Consult… Help Us Get To Know You Personally:

These online forms are optional but why not use them now and give Dr Landers as much of your information as possible regarding you personally and your dental concerns. These forms have many benefits for both the patient and the doctor.

 » Cosmetic Questionnaire E-Form
 » Personal Preferences Patient Communication E-Forms
» Pain Management Patient Communication E-Form
» Bad Dental Experience Patient Communication E-Form


Step 3

Call Us for a Consultation 312-263-7823

Map | Directions | Parking

Underground heated parking is very reasonable if you follow a few of our tips. if you are not familiar with our area, the down ramp to access parking may be confusing at first, so for your convenience we have created an online map directions & parking. check out these great maps.

Free Valet Parking for New Patient Appointments

(Grant Park North Garage Only)

Parking and public transportation in our area are reasonable and convenient for all of our patients. Nonetheless, we want to make sure your new patient experience is as convenient as possible. So we offer free valet parking for new patient consultation appointments!  Read More….

If you have not filled out Online E-Forms paperwork offered in Step 1 & 2 above, when scheduling, show up 20-30 minutes early

Come Prepared For Your Visit

  • Bring your list of medications.
  • Bring a list of your medical, dental, and surgical history/conditions.
  • Bring a list of your allergies.
  • Bring contact information for your other physicians and dental care providers.
  • Bring your insurance information.

If you have already filled out online E-forms

  • Please request that our scheduling coordinator enter computer notes regarding the specific E-forms you completed online.
  • Please show up 10 minutes early for your appointment in case our staff has any questions regarding your forms.


Step 4

The Day of Your Consultation Appointment

What you should expect on your first visit. Read More….

Don’t be surprise if you are offered treatments the same day of your new patient consult. If this is your goal, we highly recommend that you fill out the forms in Step 1 & 2 above. Fast & same day treatments are available but its best if you let us know your scheduling goals when setting up your appointment! If you are seeking same day care for a painful dental problem, please inform our staff of details related to your specific dental problem. 

If you are not interested in fast or same day treatments, after your case has been reviewed, we will discuss recommended procedures, fees, and scheduling your future treatments.

Options Are Presented Before Treatment Begins. No Pressure To Start! Read More….


Step 5

Computerized Appointment Sequencing

Here’s How It Works


We spend upfront time with you to review and decide on your treatments goals. These treatments are then entered into our computer planning software.


The treatments are combined into groups. Then the treatment steps sequence to efficiently complete all treatments in a best care order.


Scheduling…. we now know how many visits, how much time per visit, and how much time is needed for healing in-between each visit for optimal recovery. The end result is, we now know the number of visits needed, estimated time per visit, estimated appointment dates & times, and overall time needed to complete all treatments.

Patient Benefits

  1. Grouped procedures means fewer appointment and less trips to the dentist
  2. Grouped pre-planned treatment appointments save time away from work and make it possible for our out of town patients plan their visits to Chicago.
  3. Grouping procedures saves you pain. Here’s how, with one doctor for all treatments, you can have several treatments completed during one appointment with only one numbing session. End result, fewer dental appointments and fewer numbing sessions.

One Doctor for all treatments means

  1. No disruption in treatments
  2. No trips to another office to see a specialist
  3. And…No trips to another office because our office has advanced diagnostics for your safety before, during, and after treatments.

Dr. Landers has successfully treated patients from around the globe and looks forward to helping you improve the look of your smile. Mike is an out of town patient who wants to share his story. If you have time, check it out.

The Mike C. Story


I currently travel from Philadelphia to Chicago to see him. He is a great person and truly cares about his patients.

Read More….


Patients Trust Us Because Experience and Predictable Results Matter



While You’re Here Have Fun!

Conveniently located in the heart of Chicago, Dr. Landers maintains an office close to many popular attractions for his patients and their families. Within just a few blocks, there are a full range of shopping options, museums, restaurants, and other award-winning tourist attractions. Read More….


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