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Optional Five-Year Warrantee & Your Healthy Smile

Congratulations, You have just invested in the finest quality dental materials available and have partnered with a compassionate dental team who is committed with regard to protecting your investment. We care about our patients’ oral and restorative health and encourage our patients to choose normal maintenance and secure this five-year warrantee. If you choose to fulfill the following normal & necessary maintenance at our office, your new teeth will be guaranteed for five years from the cementation date.

Timely Bite Adjustments – at least two following the completion of treatment.

  • 2 weeks after restoration is placed in their mouth.
  • 2 weeks after 1s bite adjustment
    It’s a statistical fact: Malaligned natural tooth structure as well as man made dental crowns, fillings, etc. are more likely to break consequent to unbalanced bite forces. Bite adjustments cannot be completed in one visit. Each person has his or her own unique envelope of jaw movement. In summary, patients often bite in different positions on different visits to the dentist. For the latter reason, patients need to be seen at separate visits to equilibrate and balance their bite forces on their new teeth. Our team is happy assist, but you must be physically present in order for us to properly evaluate and balance your bite. Your collaborative effort is essential in order to properly adjust the new teeth, and to maintain your warrantee.

Routine Maintenance and Cleaning
1st Year: A minimum of  Two  Three Dental Hygiene appointments (cleanings) within the first year after treatment completion.
2nd-5th years: A minimum of two dental hygiene appointments (cleanings) between year 2-5 year after treatment completion.

Wear your retainer & Your Grinding appliance
If your teeth were moved with clear tray aligners, you must wear a retainer at night. If you lose and do not replace you retainer or grinding appliance you void your warrantee. Patients should try to routinely bring their nighttime grinding appliance to hygiene cleaning appointments.

Warrantee Does Not Include Failure Subsequent To:

New Cavities
New cavities under or around dental restoration are not covered as part of your warrantee. Here are some tips to avoid break down from Cavities. Cavities are mostly caused by decreased saliva (Dry mouth) and/or the breakdown of your tooth structure from sugar.

  • Mouth breathing during work out will dry your mouth) + sports drink (sugar)
  • Some Medications can cause dry mouth
  • Not brushing teeth before bedtime. Especially bad if you like to snack late at night.*Note if you have dry mouth or a history of dental cavities. Let our dental team know & make sure your dental chart is noted. Please consider the fact that you may need to routinely use fluoride rinse.

Tooth, Bone, or Gum Loss Due To Gum Disease


Dark tooth treatment
If you have a non-vital tooth the doctor has no control over the possible change in color or shade of a crown. Dead teeth may/or may not darken with time. Warrantee does not cover color changes that are a result of aging non-vital teeth.

Fracture Of Existing Tooth Structure

Breakage, Chipping Or Wear Due To “Night Time Habits”
The forces from Grinding or clinching will cause your natural tooth structure and man made restorations to break. If you grind your teeth you must wear a grinding appliance. If you loose or do not wear your grinding appliance your warrantee is voided.

Breakage, Chipping, Or Wear Due To “Day Time Habits”

  • – Habitual fingernail or cuticle biting
  • – Lip or cheek biting
  • – Excessive gum chewing
  • – Pen biting
  • – Using teeth as tools (i.e. tear open packages or leverage to open bottle caps etc.), Or as tools to crack nuts, seeds or the like.
  • – Tooth clinching or grinding (i.e. Clinching during physical exercise)
    In general: Avoid any habitual exercise or uses of the mouth, tongue and jaw that is other than the most common use of that body part.

If patient moves out of state they are responsible for travel expenses to and from our office for any and all dental maintenance or dental procedures. Maintenance or work cannot be completed by another dentist and related expenses are not be covered by our office.

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