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Fly In Out of Town Patients

We Are Excited to Welcome You to Our Family of Patients. 

We know that our “out of town” patients travel a long way in pursuit of hard to find specialized care or a trusted second opinion. Dr Landers is a passionate professional who will offer all treatment options and spend the time you deserve in order that you understand the risks, cost/benefits assessments, and treatment alternatives.


We Are Excited To Help


Our Office Is Designed With Second Opinions In Mind

Patients seek second opinions for many different reasons. In all cases, it’s our mission to prove that not all dentists and dental treatments are the same.

Second Opinion Dentist

Top 20 Reasons Patients Seek A Second Opinion Dentist

5-Essential Dental Technologies Needed for a Second Opinion


Specialized Care

It’s hard to believe because so many dentists claim to offer comprehensive care, but our doctor is one of just a few who really does it all. Our smile gallery says everything – real patients, beautiful results, and all treatments from one Doctor.

If your treatment requires any combination of surgical, orthodontic, or other specialized care, Dr Landers will offer all options and treatments solutions. Solutions you may have not received in the past.

Smile Gallery

Procedures & Treatments We Offer

Hard to Find Treatments and Specialized Care


With the goal to Make Your Trip Easier, Our Office Has Outlined 5-Steps to Get Started:

You don’t have to do all of this yourself! If  you prefer, call our office and request that a staff member help you.

But, if you are flying in from out of town, or if you want to expedite treatments, be smart and get these records done before your 1st appointment. This way we can do our part & provide you with the ultimate consult.


Smile Gallery Is The Best

Our Smile gallery is one of the best comprehensive single doctor galleries in the world.

We hope that it helps you or a friend find the quality dental care you are seeking.

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