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Need a Second Opinion Dentist?

Patients seek second opinions for many different reasons. In all cases, it’s our mission to prove that not all dentists and dental treatments are the same. Dr. Landers has come to recognize the fact that “No single approach is right for every individual.” This is the motivation and exact reason why he has trained over the past 25+ years in a range of Dental Specialties. And why our office is designed with second opinions in mind.

If you would like diagnostic evidence that is both visual and scientific, we have it:

5 –Essential Dental Technologies Needed for a Second Opinion

  1. 3D/4D Dentistry
  2. Laser & Computer Aided Cavity Detection
  3. Intra-Oral Camera
  4. Computerized Smile Design
  5. Third Eye Camera -Images of Treatments Completed

Dr Landers’ goal is and has always been, to provide virtually all modern treatment solutions and exceptional care for all patients. It is not uncommon that Dr. Landers will offer specialized treatment options that you have never been offered in the past. These treatment options often include healthy conservative treatment choices that are less costly, and require less chair time with fewer visits. Receive all of your modern treatment options and make your own choices. One dentist for all your treatment needs.

With all of the information online, choosing a second opinion dentist can be difficult. So we provided answers for the common criteria used to select the best second opinion dentist. Please read our Solutions for the: 10 Tips How To Choose A Second Opinion Dentist

“Your personal achievement starts in your mind.
The first step is to know exactly what your problem, goal or desire is.”
-W. Clement Stone

Many of our patients present with very complex treatments. The first step is identification of the nature of an illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms. Our advanced care center is designed for you and offers patient safety and advanced diagnostics.

“You just don’t luck into things as much as you’d like to think you do.
You build step by step, whether it’s friendships or opportunities.”
-Barbara Bush

Most people would love to have a beautiful healthy smile, but spending time with the dentist to achieve it is simply not on the top of their list. If latter describes you, we hope that, by reviewing and learning about our best care habits, you will have fewer aversions.

Our office is unique because we work with our patients to solve problems or aversions to treatment. We have found that patients often have good reason for not looking forward to dental treatments. One of our solutions and commitments to our patients is our patient/doctor communication E-Forms. We have found these E-forms can lead to the solutions for your dental concerns. Additionally, the information you provide will be reviewed by Dr Landers with the goal to customize your treatments and improve your visits at our office.

Cosmetic Questionnaire E-Form
Personal Preferences Patient Communication E-Forms
Bad Dental Experience Patient Communication E-Form
Pain Management Patient Communication E-Form



Take the First Step!
We understand it may a big decision for you, but your first step is to call and schedule an appointment for a second opinion. At your consult, You will be informed, educated, and involved in your treatment decisions.

After Your Consult We Offer You 3 Choices

  1. You may feel right at home and want to start immediately. If this is your goal, then we will offer same day treatments or offer to start your treatment at your earliest convenience.
  2. Dr. Landers would like you to feel confident with your treatment choices before treatment begins. If the latter is true, you may want to take a few days after the consult to sort and weigh the options. At our office there’s “No Pressure to Start!”
  3. Of course we are confident you will be happy at our office, as our “Case Histories” over the past 25+ years confirm. Nonetheless, we don’t mind proving it to you first. If you choose to start, you have a third option. With the direction of Dr. Landers, we will initially schedule smaller, easier to complete treatments. This is done in order to demonstrate our level of clinical care and provide time for you to establish a relationship with our doctor and team. Sometimes taking the first step can help you to see the whole staircase.

We Care And Want To Show It.
Call Us And Provide The Opportunity
To Help You With The Quality Care You Deserve.

Accordingly, Here Are A Few Topics We Prepared With The Goal
To Help You Confidently Choose Quality Care.
(Lets us know if any of these help)


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Risks & Benefits of Treatment

Before your treatment begins, we will do our best to provide you with as many commonly known risks and benefits of a particular dental procedure. Our goal is to assist while you make informed decisions, allowing you the opportunity to ask questions before treatment begins, and provide information in order that you feel confident with your decision.


Get It Right The First Time!

If It’s Already Done: Choose Us To Fix Bad Fake Dentistry


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