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20 Reasons To Seek a Second Opinion Dentist

Be Smart Do Your Research


  1. Patients Seeking Cosmetic Dentistry For An Unattractive Smile.  Read More
  2. Suspected Misdiagnosis Or Confirmation Of Accurate Diagnosis. Read More Read More
  3. Dental Pain Of Unknown Origin  Read More
  4. Tooth Arches And Emergency Dental Treatments  Read More
  5. Re-Do For Fake Looking Porcelain Veneers, Fake Crowns, Fake Implant Crowns, & Fake Dental Bridges See Solutions
  6. Mouth Sores, Oral Lesions, Swellings Or Oral Cancer Read More
  7. Correction Of Horrible Side Effects From Previous Treatments Read More
  8. General Dentistry Treatments For: Cavities, Root Canals, Dental Implants, Full Mouth Restoration Read More
  9. Bad Breath Treatments & Preventative Treatments For Gum Disease Read More
  10. Patients Seeking The Convenience Of One Office And One Doctor Who Is Skilled With All Treatments.  Read More
  11. Patients Seeking To Know All Of Their Options For Complex Implant Treatments  See Treatments
  12. Tooth Cracks Symptoms: “Save Your Tooth” Or Extract? Read More
  13. Bite Problems And Tooth Pain /TMJ Tooth & Jaw Pain Verses Oral Habits Read More
  14. Fast Surgical Orthodontic Treatments Read More
  15. Advanced Periodontal Disease: “Save Your Teeth” Or Extract? Read More
  16. Patients Seeking An Office Where Patient Safety Is A High Priority =Patient Safety & Advanced Diagnosis
  17. Long Treatment Times Vs. Modern Shortened Treatment Times Read More
  18. Uncomfortable Treatments Vs. Our Comfortable Advanced Treatment Choices Like Microsurgical Options Read More
  19. Bad Personal Experiences: Patients Who Do Not Trust Their Old Dentist

» Personal Preferences Patient Communication E-Forms
» Pain Management Patient Communication E-Form
» Bad Dental Experience Patient Communication E-For

20. Problems With Dental Insurance, Or Undisclosed Surprise Co-Payments Read More


One dentist, one location, with the foresight to plan and complete all of your treatment needs.

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