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12 Common Symptoms Caused By Parafunctional Habits: Daytime Habits & Nighttime Grinding Bruxism

  1. Tooth Mobility (Progressive)
  2. Tooth Migration i.e. movement to new position (Mal-Alignment)
  3. Chipped Or Fractured Tooth (Teeth)v
  4. Reproducible Tooth Wear Pattern. Tooth Wear: Mild To Severe Wear Facets on chewing surface of teeth
  5. Breakage Of Dental Crowns & Fillings is More Common (Statistically 230% more common with Bruxism)
  6. Muscular Pain involving muscles of the TMJ
  7. Gum Recession
  8. V-Shaped root lesions (“Abfraction” – causes are Multifactorial)
  9. Accelerated effects of Gum Disease (i.e. Gum & bone loss)
  10. Accelerated Tooth Loss
  11. Tooth Nerve Inflammation Pulpitis which could progress to Pulpal Necrosis (Dead Tooth)
    • Tooth Thermal Hypersensitivity to Hot & Cold
    • Pain On Chewing Or Percussion (Apposing Teeth)
    • Tooth Ache
    • Symptoms May Be In Both Arches
  12. Radiographic
    • Widened PDL Space
    • Bone Loss (Furcations; Vertical; Circumferential)
    • Root Resorption
    • Hypercementosis of Teeth roots
    • Increased curvature of the body of the mandible
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