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Our Superior Care Habits

Over the past 25+ years, while working with and listening to our family of existing patients, our team has developed superior care habits. As a result, we have outlined and become more attentive to the reasons why some of our new or existing patients may feel apprehensive, fearful, or anxious. We hope that by reviewing a few of our best care habits, that you feel more at ease during your dental visits.


Habit #1 -Caring, Compassionate, & Honest

Habit #2 -You Are Always Informed, Educated, And Involved In Treatment Decisions

Habit #3 -Options Are Presented Before Treatment Begins. No Pressure To Start!

-Second Opinion Dentist

Habit #4 -Our 5 Year Warranty

 Habit #5 -Charitable Care for Victims of Domestic Violence

 Habit #6 -Dr Landers Wrote 100% of the Clinical Content On this Website

As Evidence Our Doctor Cares: he wrote 100% of the content on this Website and created the largest single dentist smile gallery in Chicago. His goal is to help you find quality care.


*Tips to Finding Reliable Health Information Online


Habit #1

   Caring, Compassionate & Honest


After meeting Dr. Landers, many patients report that fears and dental phobias become much easier to deal with. A compassionate and understanding doctor who listens to his patients, Dr. Landers will help you to feel at ease regarding your current condition, while presenting you all modern treatment solutions. He is a kind person, trusted professional, and will never make you feel embarrassed.


“We trust Dr. Landers for our entire family.”




“Love and care along with their pride of getting a job well done.” – Denise




“I started coming to Dr. Landers when I was 22 years old for routine care. You get the sense they really care about you and your teeth.” – Kathryn



Andy B  “Rather than up-selling me, Dr. Landers really took the time to tell me about my options, explain the treatment process, and discuss my person preferences.   I highly recommend this practice for its professionalism, integrity, and results!” Reference: Google Review




Habit #2

You Are Always Informed, Educated, And Involved In Treatment Decisions


Phil“I discovered Dr. Landers after an extensive online search. He was very responsive to all my questions and clearly concerned with my best interests. In the end, it was my decision.” –Phil




Achieving excellent results is one of the foremost objectives of a quality caring doctor. A commitment to patient education and patient / doctor communication is an important key to success. As is our investments in modern technologies like an intraoral cameras in treatment rooms. Our Pre-Op & Post –Op Treatment Instructions are another great example of our commitment to inform and educate our patients.

for more information please read: What to Expect On Your First Visit


Intra-Oral Camera: See what the doctor sees. A Small miniature camera takes close up images of your teeth. These images are viewable on a large computer screen. This technology allows you and Dr Landers to view dental problems together. In Short, it helps to build patient knowledge and trust. Pictures are saved in your file and may optionally be used to help increase insurance reimbursement. Read more


Our Doctors Commitment To Inform And Educate Is Well Supported By The 100’s Of Informative Pages He Created For You On This Website.

Dental Health 101

Second Opinion Dentist

Dental Emergency “Self Help”

Patient Safety & Advanced Diagnostics

Improving Treatment in 2019 -Top 10 Dental Technologies for Patients

Our Pre-Op & Post –Op Treatment Instructions

Financing Options & Dental Insurance

How to Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist Chicago


If it’s true that a picture is worth a 1000 words, then our patients have the option to view a huge wealth on information in our smile Gallery.


 180,000 before and after pictures, real patients, and sorted by topic

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Hard to Find Treatments and Specialized Care

Smile Gallery


We Understand That Each And Every Patient Has His Or Her Own Unique Needs And Desires.

While some patients want to do allot of research and stay involved during clinical treatments. Others want to find a profession they can trust to make the best care decisions for them.


We encourage our patients to confidently and kindly communicate their preferences, needs and fears. As an example, please let us know your disposition regarding being informed about treatment decisions and treatment steps.


Two Patient Options:

Patients who do not want to be troubled with too many of the treatment details and prefer that only the best treatment options are presented.

All patients are seeking a doctor they can trust. But only a percentage of these patients empower the doctor to make most of the treatment decisions. Often, these patients do not want to be troubled with too many of the treatment details. And often these patients are only interested in the best treatments choices available. If this best describes your preference, please inform Dr. Landers at your initial consultation.


Patients who have the want to enthusiastically help with treatment choices and stay informed about each associated step.

Are you a person who does allot of online research and who wants to stay very involved with treatment choices? Dr. Landers will present you with all of your options and you will always be a part of important decisions. Do you want a “step by step” review of clinical steps before, during, and after treatments? Dr Landers is courteous during his treatment presentations and attentive to his patients’ needs and dental fears before, during, and after treatments. As an example, Dr. Landers takes the time to inform, educate and answer questions using terminologies that his patients understand. Please keep in mind that Dr. Landers treats many patients with varying wants and needs, and would like to encourage you to communicate your need to stay informed.


Sharing the two previous options above is meant to represent an example of communication choices. We fully understand that there are many patients in between. Its all good, we simply want to encourage you to share your preferences on our E-Forms or at your initial visit at our office.


We Offer Other Patient Communication E-Forms


Habit #3

Options are Presented Before Treatment begins

    (No Pressure to Start!)


We have been successfully matching patients’ needs and desires with custom treatment options since 1989.

Cost-benefit assessments & multiple treatment options are clearly presented before treatment begins!

“I never feel pressured.” Tina





At Our Office You Will Find: One Doctor For All Treatments Means

  1. No disruption in treatments
  2. No trips to another office to see a specialist
  3. And…No trips to another office for misc. technologies, because our office has advanced diagnostics for your safety before, during, and after treatments.


Need For Second Opinion Dentist?


What You Should Expect On Your First Visit

− Best Treatment Options Are Presented First

− Computerized treatment Grouping & Sequencing For efficient Appointment Scheduling

− 5-Steps to a Beautiful Smile “Records & Forms”



Habit #4

Our Five-Year Warranty




Habit #5

Giving Back

GBAS- Dr Landers philanthropic dentistry efforts


Charitable Care “Give Back a Smile”


Habit # 6

Working to Help His Patients

As Evidence Our Doctor Cares: he Wrote 100% of the content on this Website. His goal is to help you find quality care.

*Tips to Finding Reliable Health Information Online



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