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Artistic Ability

While Experience is very important, our cosmetic dentist’s natural artistic talent is the defining factor in determining how nice your new teeth and smile will be. When making porcelain veneers, most cosmetic dentists allow the laboratory ceramist to determine critical aesthetic proportions such as tooth shape, angle, width, length and arrangement. Dr. Landers is one of a handful of cosmetic dentists worldwide who takes responsibility for determining all of these critical aesthetic factors by creating a pre-treatment set of composite Veneers called a mock up on the patient’s own teeth.

This mock up process that Dr. Landers has developed is called the Bioesthetic Smile Design, and it allows the patient to “preview” the final result. A resin copy of the prototype is then used as a temporary veneer, which further allows the patient to evaluate the aesthetics of the new smile at home, and live with it on a trial basis. Finally, the lab receives a model of the prototype and then faithfully reproduces the defined aesthetic proportions for the new veneers, thereby eliminating any guesswork on their part.

Susan“Dr. Landers is the best at implants and cosmetic work!” – Susan

Sandra“I had a smile makeover done with porcelain veneers over 6 years ago. It looks completely natural.” – Sandra

George“Veneers that Look and Feel Real.” – George

Sarah“My tooth looks just like my other tooth!” – Sara


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