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Christy – Front Desk Coordinator

Christy has been in the dental field since 2008. She started out as a receptionist and due to her tenacity, willingness to learn, and positive outlook in the face of a challenge she quickly rose to a managerial position. As office manager Christy focuses on making sure our patients not only receive the best care, but they understand how their dental benefits may best be utilized. Her goal as a team leader is to assist patients and support the office by setting goals and building a strong team to provide optimal care.

In Christy’s own words: My objective is to help patients understand their dental insurance and optimize it efficiently. Cohesive treatment planning and patient education is what I strive for not only between Dr Landers and patients, but also between our team members. I am always in awe at the remarkable work done by Dr Landers. It’s not only the amazing cosmetic work he produces, but also his ability to understand underlying issues often overlooked.

Christy grew up in Southern California, but moved to Chicago and joined our team in 2016. She and her boyfriend enjoy the outdoors and staying active with their German Shepherd Lab mix named Marz.



Christine – Dental Technician

ChristineChristine Started her career in dentistry 4 years ago. She is experienced with virtually all disciplines of dentistry; Enodontic, Periodontics, Oral Surgery (Implantology), Cosmetic, and General Dentistry. Christine is energetic, hard working and very friendly. Her upbeat personality and kind demeanor will put you at ease. In Christine’s words: Seeing how happy patients are after treatment makes my day very worthwhile. I enjoy assisting Dr. Landers because I am part of a team that provides exceptional care. Assisting with Cosmetic makeovers, cosmetic surgical procedures and being part of team that provides consistent, amazing improvements is what makes my day more fun. Christine continues to take classes to further her technical skills.

Christine moved form the northwest side to the loop about one year ago. She loves living downtown and enjoys everything about city life. She also enjoys traveling, being in the company of good people as well as meeting new people.





Courtney – Marketing

Courtney joined Advanced Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry in 2003. With her background in fine arts and advertising, Courtney has established solid and trusting partnerships through exceptional relationship-building skills; utilizing positive energy and interpersonal abilities to secure employee and management trust. Courtney’s proven dedication to optimizing organizational success through her knowledge of human resources operations and strategies has greatly contributed to the success of our practice. 

“ Working with a team of professionals who excel at what they do is a rewarding aspect of my job. Every patient receives the highest level of detailed care. The bond that is created throughout the office when a patient is overwhelmed and over joyed by their new smile has been instrumental in strengthening our practice. “

Courtney enjoys family life with her husband, three children and dog, Rocco.  Her interests include traveling, Pilates, hiking, theatre, reading a good old fashioned cookbook, and baking anything chocolate.


Katie – Periodontal Therapist

Katie, our Periodontal Therapist, has been working in the dental field since graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in 2011. Katie focuses on individualized patient care to optimize her patient’s oral health. She is highly skilled in not only providing preventive treatment, but helping patients make the best decisions when it comes to restorative and cosmetic treatment.

In Katie’s words: “I enjoy working with Dr. Landers and the team because I know our patients are in the best hands possible. Not only are we going to provide you with high end dentistry, we strive to help you keep optimal oral health with patient education.   I love seeing patient’s reactions after they have had cosmetic makeovers. Dr. Landers does some of the best cosmetic work I have seen and I know he can help you achieve the smile you have always dreamed of.”

Katie lives in Chicago with her husband and cat, Gizzy. She considers herself a foodie and enjoys researching restaurants and travel.  





Liz -Dental Technician

Liz has been in the dental field for 15 year’s. She has worked very closely with Dr. Landers as his dental assistant for 8 year’s. Anyone who has met Liz will tell you she treats people as people and has the unique talent to bring people together. We call it “Social Glue.” Liz’s main focus is to make sure patients are very comfortable before, during and after treatments. All the while assuring them, they will receive the very best care.

In Liz’s own words: I’ve worked for many other dentists and have never felt so rewarded. Especially when sharing in our patient’s happiness as they initially view the final results of Dr Landers’ cosmetic work. It’s such a benefit and great service that Dr. Landers has to offer his patients.

Dr Landers is educated and knowledgeable in all aspects of dentistry. Patients do not have to see multiple specialists for various treatments. Dr. Landers is very social and shortly after meeting him you will feel welcome.

Liz grew up in Chicago as part of a large family. She currently lives in Northwest Indiana with her Husband and son.



Dr Kevin Landers -F.A.A.C.D.

Thank you! for your interest regarding our team. I would like to share: The ladies at our office are truly amazing. And I am grateful every single day for all that they do for our patients and me…”oh yeah” and for each other.  Having a good team is essential. They take care of the day to day details, so that I can focus my energies on providing optimal treatments for our patients.
Please visit the two webpages below if you would like to learn more about me. Hope to meet you soon.
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