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What To Expect On Your First Visit

We have been successfully matching patients’ needs and desires with custom treatment options since 1989.

Cost-benefit assessments & multiple treatment options are clearly presented before treatment begins!

  1. At your first consultation, if you filled out New Patient E-Forms, Landers will spend the time to review E-forms, related medical records, and dental images.
  2. Dr Landers will ask a few questions related to your specific needs and desires. This system allows you the time to verbally express your goals and desires in person. During this phase Dr Landers listens to you and makes notes.
  3. You will be offered a detailed and extensive oral evaluation. Including: Advanced Diagnostic 3D/4D planning.
  4. Multiple treatment options are then presented. The cost and benefits of each will be reviewed and assessed versus your needs and desires. No Pressure to Start .Dr Landers is compassionate. You will never be embarrass.

           Best Treatment Options are Presented First

    • In order to create a solid starting point for communication, you will be presented with the ideal treatment options first. While many patients are very happy with the initial treatment plan presented, the risks, benefits, and treatment alternatives will still be reviewed.


  • Then your best treatment options are compared and assessed against your alternative treatment choices. During this review of alternative treatment options, your individual needs and monetary goals are weighed more heavily. Still focused on the goal to achieve the optimal results, the risks and benefits of treatment alternatives are reviewed.
  1. You Are Always Informed, Educated, And Involved In Treatment Decisions. Read More…


  1. Final treatment choices will be reviewed in detail along with an estimated cost and estimated insurance co-payments.


  1. With your consent, treatment time is reserved and your treatment begins. Same day treatments may be offered.


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At this point if you decide to accept Treatment, you will be offered a “Time estimate” to complete treatment.


Computerized Treatment Grouping & Sequencing For efficient Appointment Scheduling


Here’s How it Works


We spend upfront time with you to review and decide on your treatments goals. These treatments are then entered into our computer planning software.


The treatments are combined into groups. Then the treatment steps are combined and sequence to efficiently complete all treatments in an optimal amount of time and in the best care order.


  1. Scheduling…. we now know
  2. How many visits you need
  3. How much time is needed per visit
  4. The amount of time is needed for healing in-between each visits
  5. And Finally The end result is, we know the estimated time to complete all treatments


While we do our best to group and estimate treatment times, we would like to remind our patients that in order to achieve excellence you must be flexible.

Read more>>   (5-Ways We Achieve Excellence)


Patient Benefits

  1. Grouped treatment saves you time, because more treatment is completed per visit
  2. Grouped procedures means fewer appointments. Less trips to the dental office means less time away from work.
  3. Grouped pre-planned treatment helps you to plan ahead, which makes it possible for our in town and out of town patients to plan ahead for their visits to our office in Chicago.
  4. Grouping procedures saves you pain. Here’s how, with one doctor for all treatments, you can have several treatments completed during one appointment with only one numbing session. End result, fewer dental appointments and fewer numbing sessions.


One Doctor For All Treatments Means

  1. No disruption in treatments
  2. No trips to another office to see a specialist
  3. And…No trips to another office for misc. technologies, because our office has advanced diagnostics for your safety before, during, and after treatments.


“I never feel pressured.” Tina




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