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Underground Heated & Handicap Accessible Parking

2-Tips To Save Money On Parking

    1. Book online at millenniumgarages.com > daily rates and save up to 50%.

    2. Book your Parking spot using a Smart Phone apt.





Tip* If you don’t already have a smart phone app for parking, it’s a good idea to download “SpotHero,” “iParkit,” or “ParkWhiz” app. As an example, with SpotHero, you will likely be offered half price parking, in addition to the fact that you can reserve your spot in advance. In either case, Please overestimate your parking time by at least an extra 60 minutes.




(Just a Few Steps From Our Office)


There are 2 down ramps to the garage on Michigan Avenue between Randolph and Monroe.


If you are traveling south on Michigan Ave. (ie coming from the North)


 (You are the Red Car in the map to the right)

Enter the garage through the Michigan Avenue median (middle of Michigan Ave), just south of Randolph. Drive slowly after you pass Randolph and stay to your left (towards middle/median). The down ramp starts at Washington and Michigan. Again, this is a bit tricky , drive slow.


If you are traveling north on Michigan ave. (ie coming from the south)


Once you pass the Art Institute (Lions out front) get into the left lane. As you pass through the intersection at Michigan and Monroe you will see Crown Fountain on your Right (tall rectangular water towers with Video Faces). At this point you should be in the left lane, as you approach the next intersection (Michigan & Madison). Entering the garage at Michigan & Madison is tricky because the left lanes split at the median into 3 lanes.

  1. The two left lanes are for turning left onto Monroe (you don’t want these).
  2. 3rd From Left lane (in the middle of Michigan Ave) goes straightforward and is for entrance to the down the ramp into the garage.


(You are the Red Car in the map to the right)

The garage entrance is in the median (middle) of Michigan & Madison. First intersection past or north of Michigan & Monroe (parking entrance down ramp is in the middle median of Michigan Ave.)





If you are Traveling from the West



(You are the Red Car in the map to the right)

(Kennedy 90/94- south & north bound exit: Washington) take Washington east. Drive in the right lane. When you reach the intersection of Washington and Michigan, find your way to the middle of the intersection. Turn Right and precede the down ramp to the garage.


In All Cases: Park as far to the south end of the garage as possible.

In all cases, once you pass through the ticketing area make a right turn and park as far to the south end of the garage as possible. Make a mental note of the color and parking area number location. Then lock your car and walk  towards the Monroe Street exit, which is accessible through the ped-way. This will lead you up to street level just a few steps from our entrance. 

*Handicap accessible: There is an elevator in the Garage on the upper level only. This elevator does not go down to the lower level.


Millennium Park Garage

(Your Second Choice for Parking -We Can Not Validate For Parking at This Garage)

( This garage is a 2-3 block walk from Our office)

Entrance on Columbus Dr & between Randolph St.

Phone: – 312-742-7644

Plan Ahead book online at millenniumgarages.com and save up to 50%

Early Bird Special $16 “Millennium Park Garage”

  • Park between 5 AM and 9 AM, out by 7PM.
  • 6 Hour minimum


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