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Dr. Kevin Landers F.A.A.C.D.Note from Dr L

The act of smiling can transform you and the world around you. My great passion is to help my patient’s achieve the smile of their dreams. I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual so I have trained in a range of modalities.

When selecting a dental-care provider, you are faced with many decisions, some of which are influenced by factors such as specializations, training, and experience.  

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Your best dental-care decisions also involve criteria that matter to you personally. I hope that by reviewing a few of my best care habits, that it will help you feel more at ease during visits to our office.

I have also outlined a section named: Science of Comfort. When it comes to your comfort, expressions of care alone are not enough. Please read this section even if you do not have any dental fears.

When it comes to Patient Safety & Advanced Diagnostics, we have made the smart choices to protect you via investments in our advanced care center. We are proud to be one of just a few dental offices in Chicago who offer 3D/4D Dentistry. And we want you to know: we are a Certified “Ultra Low Dose Facility.” Patient Safety is Our First Priority.

Are you seeking specialized treatments or Fast Treatments? In addition to a full range of routine, complex and advanced dental care, you have access to highly skilled services that are often very difficult to find.

Some of you who are reading this, are searching for cosmetic treatments from a dentist who is “well trained” and “artistic.” I am passionate about dentistry and your oral health, and for this reason, I want you to know that I am dedicated to advancing excellence in the both the “art” and “science” of comprehensive cosmetic dentistry. Dr L’s Artistic Ability Video

“Seeing Is Believing.” There are 180,000 before and after pictures of Real Patients available. All treatments have been completed by Dr Landers. Care providers and cosmetic organizations universally agreed that the best method to find a cosmetic dentist is to review images of treatments. My goal is to help you find quality care. Please review our Smile Gallery.

Our office is not just a “cosmetic dental office.” Our online demonstration of our cosmetic “Before & After” gallery is intended to be a representation of our standard of care and attention to detail for all dental care provided. Health first cosmetic dental care for every person. For your convenience, here’s a long list of Treatments we offer.

I’m here for you!

Please visit us soon, and discover what a difference a relationship with us can make in your life.

Better yet… call us right now.

You are always welcome!


Dr Kevin Landers F.A.A.C.D.


Our Patients Welcome You!

Though out this site you will see video testimonials and clips from online Reviews written by our family of patients. Many of these patients found us online and have spent time to post reviews with the goal to help others like you find our services. After 25 years of helping patrons like you, we are confident we can help you achieve your goals.

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The time you spend reading content on this site is time well spent learning about the doctor you may choose to complete your dental treatment.

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