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Don’t Want to Wait? Be Seen Right Away! Fast & Same Day Treatments Available!

Do you have a big event just around the corner or in the near future? Is it your goal to look amazing for this special event? Call us & give our staff the date of the event, and the date you need to finish treatment. We will likely give you the option to start your treatment the very first day we see you. Please make sure to ask our staff to enter the dates of your upcoming even into our computerized appointment notes.

* If your goal is fast or same day treatment, it’s in your best interest to fill out several forms.

Wedding Smile Makeovers


You are not the only patient seeking cosmetic treatment in a short period of time. We live in a modern world and Dr Landers is well trained in fast modern treatments. Healthy and beautify results in a short period of time.

Check it out:

ShelbyVery quick (two weeks) orthodontia work. I have never felt more confident and literally can’t stop smiling. Dr. Landers has in turn motivated me to make other positive changes in my life.” – Shelby

Ron’s Smile Makeover was Less than Two Weeks







If you have waited until the last minute and need an amazing smile in a very short period of time, don’t give up.
Dr Landers is well trained in:
Fast & Same Day treatments
Emergency Smile Makeovers

GrishmaSame Day Smile Makeover in time for romantic date!.” – Grishma

“I fell on my 21st birthday and was scheduled same day for a Dental Emergency.” – Ashley

Our services, technologies and training are put together with the fast pace of Chicago patients in mind.

  • Instant orthodontics
  • Microsurgical Procedures provide predictable results and faster healing
  • Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics PAOO
  • Teeth in A Day: Dental Implants
  • “One dentist for all your needs” means fewer trips to the dentist and all treatments at one office.

You can also check out our
5-Steps to a Beautiful Smile: Records & Forms or Just Call Us : 312-263-7823

Looking for fast treatments, call us now.

And if possible please fill out these forms before your appointment.

Request for Transfer of Records Printable Version (Transfer X-rays and records to our office ASAP!)
Patient Information Form
Medical Health History Form
Cosmetic Questionnaire
Cyber Consult *Send X-rays & Images
Bad Dental Experience Patient Communication Form
Pain Management Patient History Form
Insurance Plan Information Form
See Our New Patient ToDo List

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