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Dental Health 101

Child Care – Infant to 8 Years Old

  1. Intro –Dr. Landers: Infant, Toddler & Young Child Care
  2. Dr Opinion on Fluoride for Toddlers
  3. Eruption & Shedding of Baby Teeth
  4. Tooth Coming In -Wrong Position
  5. Sealants (age 5-7) or Toddler Fillings
  6. Toddler (age 2-5) Brushing & Flossing


Brush Floss & Fresh Breath Tips

  1. Brushing
  2. Flossing
  3. Fresh Breath Treatment
  4. 10- Important Dry Mouth Tips & Treatment
  5. What Type of Tooth Paste
  6. When to Change Toothbrush


Gental Gum Cleaning & Preventative Gum Care

  1. Gum Disease Dr L’s Simply Explanation
  2. 5 Common Societal Facts About Gum Disease
  3. 5 Risk Factors For Gum Disease
  4. Not Just A Cleaning Fact Sheet
  5. Oral Cancer Screening
  6. Pregnancy Fact Sheet
  7. Scaler Irrigator After Gum Treatments
  8. Soft Tissue Management Fact Sheet
  9. Soft Tissue Management Our Program
  10. Surgeon General Report Gum Disease Diagnosis
  11. Why Treat I Don’t Have Pain
  12. American Academy of Periodontology Vs Gum Disease Treatment & Prevention
  13. Gum Disease Process Pre-Op Treatment & Prevention


Fillings & Crowns – What Dr. L Recommends

  1. Do I have A Cavity? Filling Facts You Should Know
  2. No Needle Drill Less Fillings
  3. Large White Plastic Composite Molar Fillings Don’t Last
  4. Silver Mercury Fillings Myths vs. Facts
  5. New! 2019 Best Dental Filling Material
  6. Why Do Teeth Need to be Covered with a Crown
  7. Fillings Vs. Onlays
  8. Onlays Vs. Crowns
  9. GOLD Advantage & Disadvantages
  10. Why do I Have A Black Ring Above My Old Crown
  11. 10 Dental Procedures to Repair Your Cracked or Broken Tooth
  12. 20 Tips & Diagnostic Criteria Used by Dentists To Determine if a Broken Tooth is Savable
  13. How Much Tooth Structure is needed for a Crown

How Does Fiber Optic Technology improve Clinical Care? =Advanced Care Center/ Technology

  1. Hand Piece
  2. What is Fiber Optic Technology

Why Does My Tooth Hurt After a Crown or Filling

  • Why Does My Tooth Hurt After a Crown?
  • Do I Need a Root Canal?

How Do I Know If I Need A Root Canal Or Not?

  1. Do I Need A Root Canal
  2. Why Do I Need Treatment- I Don’t Feel Pain

Cracked Tooth Symptoms & Testing Options

How to Save a Broken Tooth

  • 10 Dental Procedures To Repair Your Cracked, Broken Tooth
  • How Much Tooth Structure is Needed for a Crown
  • 20 Tips & Diagnostic Criteria Used by Dentists To Determine a Broken Tooth is Savable
  • PPT Broken Tooth 10 Tips Treatment & Prevention PPT/Video

Tooth Replacement Options IB

Tooth Replacement Options Crns – Bridges & Implants

Implants –What to Expect IB

  1. Implant Benefits Fact Sheet
  2. What Company & Implant Is Used By Dr L

Time Estimate Surgical Placement to Final Loading of Dental Implants

  • Time Estimate Anterior Dental Implants Placement of Final Restoration
  • Traditional Time Guidelines for Implant Restoration Verse Time Line *This Document is indexed by Google
  • Time Estimate Full Mouth Extractions Dental Implant & Placement of Final Restorations

Top 15 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are Not Placed The Same Day As Tooth Extraction (Immediately Placement Cautions)


Invisalign Clear Braces (Text on BA Page with OB)

  1. Invisalign vs Traditional Braces (or Braces vs. Invisalign)
  2. 5 Steps -How Clear Teeth Aligners Work


Jaw Joint Pain – Can TMJ Cause Headache Pain?

  1. Grinding Clenching vs TMJ
  2. Intro TMJ
  3. Nervous Energy-Oral Habits vs TMJ
  4. Pain relief diet WGN
  5. TMJ -Migraine or Tension Head ache Pain
  6. TMJ & Migraine Pain Diagnosed In 10 Minutes
  7. TMJ Pain

Systemic Risk Factors (Diseases) Vs. Dentistry

  1. How Diabetes Affects Wound Healing
  2. Diabetes & Osteoporosis Verses Bone Density
  3. Blood Pressure Your Health & How We Help 
  4. 5 Risk Factors for Gum Disease


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