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Press Releases GBAS
Online Reviews Old Page
Reviews Circle Portrait Page 
25+ Years Experience & Artistic Ability
Artistic Ability Skinny Vs Consistent-Excellent-Results & Artistic Ability
One Dentist for All of Your Needs
Advanced Care Center Duplicate Old Page
Fast Same Day Treatments
10 Reasons Informed Consumers Choose Us
Dr Landers Professional Bio
Dr Landers Personal Bio
We Save Our Patients Time and Money
Need a Second Opinion Dentist?
Dental Health 101
Doctors Near Our Office Need Update
Get to Know Us
Procedures and Treatments
Financial Policy
Flex Spending
How to Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist Chicago
Do Your Own Research
Trust the Worlds Largest AACD
Patient Safety and Advanced Diagnostics
Life Changing Stories
Life Changing Stories – Viktoriya
Life Changing Stories – Mona
Life Changing Stories – Tammy
Life Changing Stories – Ana
Life Changing Stories – Ron
Life Changing Stories – Meghan
Life Changing Stories – Wedding Smile Makeovers
Life Changing Stories – Denise
Life Changing Stories – Implant Testimonials
Life Changing Stories – No Needle Drillless Fillings
Emergency Self Help Q&A
Emergency Menu
Emergency – Knocked-Out Or Loose Tooth
Emergency – Broken-Chipped Tooth and or Lost Filling
Emergency – Tooth Ache
Emergency – Do I Need A Root Canal
Emergency – Injuries Soft Tissues of Mouth & Jaw
Emergency – Common Mouth Sores
Emergency – TMJ or Grinding Pain or Migraine Pain
Emergency – Swollen Infected Face, Gums, or Wisdom teeth
Emergency – Loose Permanent Crowns or Temporaries
Emergency – Emergencies After Surgical Procedures
Emergency – Emergencies After Routine Dental Procedures
GBAS Charitable Care – Give Back a Smile
Survivors We Have Helped And Their Stories
Life Changing Stories – Nina
Life Changing Stories – Lauren
Life Changing Stories – Janice
Technology Techniques & Materials
Top 10 In Our Area to Shop-Dine-Fun
Whitening for Life
Our Superior Care Habits
Comfort Menu
Dr. Landers is a Recognized Expert in Cosmetic Dentistry!
Blank -Deleted By Dr L
Tips to Finding Reliable Health Information Online
Top 25 Dental Fears & Our Solutions
Relaxation Techniques To Stay Calm During Dental Treatments
Self-Help Strategies Overcome Your Dental Pain & Fears
Brush Floss & Fresh Breath Tips
Child Care – Infant to 8 Years Old
Fillings & Crowns – What Dr. L Recommends
Gental Gum Cleaning & Preventative Gum Care
Jaw Joint Pain – Can TMJ Cause Headache Pain?
General Dentistry
Dental Ins
Partner In Peace Award
5 Steps – How Clear Teeth Aligners Work
7 Patient Benefits – Advanced Dental Handpiece Technology
Specialized Medical Camera
Medical History E-Form
Insurance E-Form
Cosmetic Questionnaire E-Form
Welcome E-Form
Dental History E-Form
E-Forms Sent
Personal Preferences E-Form
Dental Insurance E-Form
Medical History E-Form
Patient Personal Information E-Form
Bad Dental Experience E-Form
Request a Virtual Consultation E-Form
Patient Satisfaction Survey E-Form


10 Benefits of Gum Graft Root Coverage
10 Dental Procedures to Repair Your Dark Tooth
12 Common Symptoms Parafunction Habits & Bruxism
14 Common Symptoms of TMD
2006 Volunteer Give Back a Smile
2007 Volunteer GBAS
2008 Volunteer GBAS
2009 Volunteer GBAS
2010 Volunteer GBAS
2011 Volunteer GBAS
2012 Volunteer GBAS
2013 Volunteer GBAS
2014 Volunteer GBAS
2015 Volunteer GBAS
2016 Volunteer GBAS
2017 Volunteer GBAS
Amalgam Fillings
Bad Dental Experience Patient Communication E-Form
Bonding Anterior 2016
Bonding Posterior Teeth 2016
Bone Graft Post-Op After Surgery Instructions
Bone Graft Pre-Op Treatment Consent 2014
Clear Teeth Aligners Pre-Op & Post-Op Treatment Instructions
Cosmetic Veneers Anterior Crowns Bridges Consent
Crown-Lengthening Surgery Pre-Op Inform Consent
Deep Cleaning Pre-Op Treatment & Consent
Delta & BCBS Insurance Financial Options Sheet.pdf
Dental Implant Post-Op Instructions
Dental Post Removal Pre-Op Treatment & Facts
Dental Post Removal Treatment Side Effects Consent Form
DENTURES Pre-Op & Post-Op Instructions Side Effects
Diagnostic Check List For Patients With TMJ Type Symptoms
Dry Socket Paste Post-Op After Tooth Extractions
Fillings & Porcelain Onlays Post-Op
Five Year Warrantee Dental Treatment
General Consent Form for All Orthodontic Trtmt Types
Gum Disease Process Pre-Op Treatment & Prevention
Gum Graft Donor Tissue Alloderm Post-Op Instructions
Gum Graft Patients Gum Post-Op Instructions
Gum Graft Pre-Op Treatment & Consent 2014
Gum Surgical Post-Op DIET & HYGIENE
Gum Surgical Post-Op Instructions
Gum Surgical Pre-Op Instructions Tips & Prescriptions
How Our office Helps with Insurance
Implant Pre-Op Treatment & Consent
Implant Pre-Op Treatment Planning & Expectations
Insurance Brochure
Insurance Fee Limits Explained
Insurance Fee Limits Vs Quality of Care Car Dealer
Insurance Financial Options E-Form
Insurance Limitations, Problems, & Your Quality of Care
Invisalign Instructions Pre-Op Post Op Instructions
Laser & Gum Disease Treatment & Prevention
No Insurance Financial Options Sheet
Oral Surgery Tooth Extraction Pre-Op Treatment Consent
Patient Self Help Directions TMD Pain Post-Op
Perio Surgery Pre-Op Instructions & Consent
Pre Authorization of Insurance Benefits Pros & Cons
Professional Tray Whitening Pre-Op Instructions
Root Canal Post-Op Instructions
Root Canal Pre-Op Instructions & Consent
Root Surface Bonding Your 5 Best Treatment Options Consent
Sinus Lift Pre-Op Treatments & Consent 2016
Temporaries Porcelain Prone to Fall Out
Temporaries Pre & Post Op 2016
Tooth Extraction Post-Op Instructions
What does the Term UCR Mean
Whitening For Life 2017 Consent
Why Does my Tooth Hurt After a Filling
Zoom Whitening Consent Form

PDFs converted to webpages:

Root Coverage Benefits
Dark Tooth Treatments
12 Common Symptoms Caused By Parafunctional Habits: Daytime Habits & Nighttime Grinding Bruxism
14 Common Symptoms of TMD
15 Reasons Gums May Grow Back After Cosmetic Gum Surgery

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