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14 Ways – We Save Our Patients Time & Money

HillaryI was concerned that I would not be able to afford him.  I assumed that cosmetic dentistry was frivolous, only for people who had extra money. Dr. Landers has restored my smile to the one I had in childhood, and I absolutely love it. And, the work was affordable.” – Hillary

“Money Well Spent” – Ana

For most of us, price is very important.
For many of us, value is more important.

#1 We Offer FREE & Value Priced Services

  • Whitening for Life
  • 5 Year Warranty -Results that Last…
  • Volume Discount -If you are seeking dentistry that requires multiple steps, ask about our Volume Discount Patient Benefit. Read More…
  • Ask about our Free 0% Patient Financing. Fill out the forms now!
  • Free Consultations for New patients.
    At our office we require a reservation fee to hold your appointment time. This fee is refunded at your visit or if you cancel within 48 hours. Patients who do not cancel within 48 hours forfeit the reservation fee.
  • Free Valet Parking for New Patients on their first visit
  • Free Insurance Estimations & Submission
    If you would like a dental treatment plan cost estimate to include estimated insurance payment, you will need to fill out and send forms to our office. Our insurance coordinator needs at least 2 business days to complete this estimate. Since we cannot guarantee a response from your insurance company, we cannot always promise that you will receive a timely estimate from them. Regarding the timing for insurance estimates, it is ideal to get these forms completed and submitted ahead of your first appointment.

New Patient To-Do List

Please See our financial & insurance policies

#2 A Doctor Who Takes The Time To Assure Your Comfort Is A Value

The Science of Comfort (8 Secrets To Success)

#3 Second Opinion Dentist

Your best decision is to be confident in your treatment choices. A skilled experienced doctor who has invested in advanced diagnostics and who will spend the time to explain your options is a great value. Of course we are confident you will be happy at our office, as our “case histories” over the past 25+ years confirm. Nonetheless, we don’t mind proving it to you first. Read more

#4 One Dentist For All Of Your Needs

Dedicated to those who are seeking the world’s finest comprehensive restorative care.

Dr. Landers travels around the world to train and bring hard to find services to Chicago.

How does this benefit you?

Hiring a Cosmetic Dentist who is a diversified in all areas of surgical, general, orthodontic, and cosmetic dentistry, will be more cost & time effective in the long run, and less of a headache than having to meet or coordinate multiple trips to other dental specialists. Once you are comfortable and numb, Dr Landers will often complete many specialized treatments in one efficient dental visit. This will save you time and unnecessary pain. Less time in the dental chair means less time away from work.

Hard to Find Treatments and Specialized Care
Procedures & Treatments We Offer Full List

Read more

#5 Modern Treatment Options Save Time and Money

While some doctors may charge less for a particular procedure, you may not be offered all treatment options or the highest quality materials. Modern treatments presented by Dr. Landers can often save time and money in the long term.

While there are many more, here are two examples:

Conservative & Microsurgical treatments
We offer many Microsurgical treatments. Our patients benefit from modern conservative treatments, which are more predictable and heal faster with fewer side effects. Getting back to work sooner saves money.

Surgical orthodontics
For many of our patients time is money, so we offer fast safe orthodontic treatments. Surgical orthodontics is 3-4 times as fast and teeth can be moved 2-3 times as far. Read More

In addition to a full range of routine, complex and advanced dental care, you have access to highly skilled services that are often very difficult to find.

Click here for a list of Procedures & Treatments We Offer

“He wanted to try the Zoom whitening first though, since this would be the less expensive and less invasive option. I’m so glad he did! Not only did it work great, but it saved me a lot of money (and time)! I’m sure no other dentist would have attempted the Zoom whitening first after looking at my teeth; they would have gone straight to the veneer option, which would have put a pretty dent in my pockets. I would recommend Dr. Landers to anyone!” – Patient Review on DROogle

Be an informed consumer… bargain shopping can cost you
One modern day example of how bargain shopping can cost patients time and money is low cost dental implants. Many bargain dentists offer dental implants at a lesser price. We often see new patients who have chosen low cost implant treatments. Many of these patients have implant crowns, which are coming loose. We have also notice a trend that some of these low cost dental implant companies have gone out of business. As a result, these implant parts that are difficult to impossible to come by.

Dr Landers has only placed the best dental implants from reputable companies, like Nobel Biocare (the world’s largest and most trusted dental implant company). Yes, these parts are more costly but when it comes to surgically placing a dental implant in a patient’s jawbone, it makes sense to choose the best and not bargain shop. Not to mention the fact that we see implants placed through the cheek side bone, in sinuses, and, sadly, implants or wisdom teeth procedures that have resulted in permanent damage to lip and tongue nerves.

Our philosophy is to keep up to date on the latest products and technologies, which benefit our patients. We embrace the concepts of systemic oral health and responsible esthetics.

#6 Patient Safety Is A Priceless

  • Patient safety is our first priority
  • Lose Dose Certified Office
  • Sanitation Certified Office

Please read about our investment in our Advanced Care Center.

#7 Sequencing Treatments In Priority Order Can Save Time & Money And Help To Optimize Dental Insurance Benefits.

Multiple treatment options, and an associated cost estimate for each, are always given up front… before treatment begins. Presenting multiple treatment options with varying cost provides patients the opportunity to save by choosing the options that best fits their budget. It also affords our patients the choice to consider the long-term value of a planned dental treatment. When you know your options, you can choose the best treatments based on your own individual cost/benefit assessment. I.e. invest now and save future expense and trips back to the dental office.

#8 Time Elective Procedures

We are aware of the fact that most patients want preventative treatments. On the other hand, we recognize the fact that there are others who would rather treat only if there is a obvious or painful problem.

Taking the upfront time before treatment begins to explain treatments in a priority “most important first” order is a routine practice at our office. Treatments deemed as secondary and/or preventative are often placed on a computerized watch list and reviewed for potential changes at hygiene appointments. Our patients benefit as Intraoral cameras create images of teeth & fillings, which are routinely updated and reviewed.

The following is an example of how our treatments are sequenced in priority order:

  1. Emergencies, painful dentistry, and acute dental infections
  2. Dental problems which carry a higher potential to cause more harm or future breakdown
  3. Preventative treatments
  4. Secondary treatments are put on our computerized watch list

The above grouping system affords our patient to choice do some or all of their treatments.

#9 Use Flexible Spending Dollars

A computerized treatment plan can save you money because with an upfront estimate you can plan ahead to optimize your insurance and use Flex spending dollars.

#10 Our Office Is Committed To Preventative Treatments

Our patients save money because our team takes the time to review and motivate preventative care.

“50% of gum disease is prevented in the dental office and 50% at home”

Our cleanings are both comfortable and thorough. Nonetheless, we still take the time to review home care at almost every appointment. We have found that over 95% of our new patients do not know how to properly brush and floss their teeth. Many of them are habitually cutting their gums with dental floss.

In one visit, we help our patients get a clean, fresh, healthy mouth, whiter teeth, and give them the tools to keep it that way. If you don’t have dental coverage, paying out of pocket for cleanings could save you money in the future. And we will review your oral hygiene home care. It’s not expensive to commit to brushing, flossing your teeth, and eating a healthy diet.

“The cheapest cavity is the one you never get.”

Oral Parafunction
Patients who grind at night or have daytime parafunctional habits are 230% more likely to break their crowns or fillings. Our office believes in behavior management treatments as well as written handouts to teach patients to be more aware to change habits. Our preventative care will ultimately increase the lifespan of your dental work, teeth, and tooth supporting bone.

#11 Do it Right the First time

It’s more cost effective in the long run.

Jennifer“I love my smile! Thank you Dr Landers. It’s a great investment for me because I’m in Sales and I smile a lot” – Jennifer

Please Read about how our patients benefit from 3D/4D Dentistry

Cheap Services are typically cheap
Our office is not just a “cosmetic dental office.” Our online demonstration of our cosmetic “Before & After” gallery is intended to be a representation of our standard of care and attention to detail for all dental care provided. Health first cosmetic dental care for every person. For your convenience, here’s a long list of Treatments we offer.

“Seeing is believing.” Check out our smile gallery and decide if our quality of care is worth your investment?
Please Review our Smile Gallery.

#12 Experience and Skill Saves Time & Money

Personalized care from an experienced doctor can save you time and give you better chance of successful treatment that does not cause you pain.

Monica“I had a different dentist and a root canal specialist try to fix my bite after a root canal and crown was put on by them. I had constant pain even after they said it was fixed. After months of pain I went to Dr. Landers, he fixed it in one short visit. He quickly saw what was needed and within 15 minutes I was pain free.” – Monica

Monica’s Story
She pain on her right side followed by treatment recommendations to extraction of a healthy tooth. This extraction resulted in jaw bone damage and the need for an expensive bone graft and dental implant. When she experienced the exact same sensation of pain on the her other side, her old dentist suggested to extract those teeth as well.

This is when she came to our office and we completed 3-treatments to resolve her pain.

  1. Bite Balancing
  2. Behavior Management For Daytime And Nighttime Oral Habits
  3. Provided Her With An Oral Habit Appliance.

It’s not uncommon that our patients are offered treatment options, which were not offered elsewhere. Its our philosophy to save teeth when possible. And Dr Landers has the experience & skill to recognize when conservative treatment options can be successful. Monica is very happy and we are happy to have her as part of our family of patients. Thank you for the review Monica!

Tom“Needed my Dental Implant fixed.” – Tom

Tom’s Story
He did not know that dental implants and dental implant crowns could look Bad or fake. So he went to his hometown dentist for cosmetic implant work. Afterword’s, he was unhappy with the results. Unfortunately his crown had to be remade at our office. He looks much better but he had to experience the remake cost.

#13 Our Scheduling Systems Can Save You Time: *Computerized Treatment Sequencing

Computerized Sequencing For efficient Appointment Scheduling

Here’s How it Works Read More grouping

Help for Patients with Unpredictable Schedules
Is your work schedule so busy and unpredictable that you can’t seem to keep pre-scheduled appointments? We have a special appointment system that was specifically created for patients like you. Please ask our scheduling coordinator about our Short Call List.

In Most Businesses Models, More Time Spent On A Service Typically Equals A Higher Quality Product.

Dr Landers takes the time needed to

  • Assure Your Comfort
  • Perfect The Details of Your Procedure
  • Reduce The Surgical Side Effects And Reduced Trips To The Dentist

What is the time cost quality trade off?
Price Quality Time Triangle

Danielle“He is truly a perfectionist and has spent hours on my teeth. He is also reasonably priced…not the cheapest, but not the most expensive. However, for the quality of work I’ve received I consider the price a huge bargain!” – Danielle

Quality Care Will Last Longer And Result In Fewer Trips Back To The Dental Office.

Akira“While I know that Chicago hosts other practitioners boasting cheaper treatments, I am confident that the top quality care I am receiving at moderate prices is an excellent long-term financial and health investment, with comfortable experiences to boot.” – Akira

After 25 plus years of helping patrons like you, we are confident we can help you achieve your goals.

Our philosophy
Our office remains dedicated to providing optimal care for every patient and working with you to achieve that goal. We pride ourselves on helping you in any way and in continuing to provide the quality of care to which our patients have become accustomed.

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