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Dr Landers Personal Bio

Caring For Both The Patient And The Person

Pearls of knowledge gained from patients of all cultures, religions, and lifestyles have enriched my perspective and has made me who I am today.

Thank you! To all of our existing patients who make my workday fun and continue to enrich my life by sharing your individual charm!

In return, I hope that, by sharing a few of my interests, it helps you feel acquainted and more at ease during your visits.

I am grateful for my loving and supportive family: Saturday-morning pancakes (Buttermilk & Swedish Lingonberry ask me, I’ll share the recipes), summertime cookouts, coaching and attending my children’s activities, watching movies together, caring for a home, and enjoying the companionship of family pets.

Our sixth family member “Rocco,” Hamster “Fernando”, indoor salt water fish, outdoor Koi fish.

Running along Chicago’s lakefront with the sunrise, “35 and over” basketball league, hiking, biking, golfing.

My favorite book is “Younger Next year.”

Hobbies: Photography, playing music, listening to music, news, sports, health, diet, exercise, learning and teaching dentistry etc.

Its true, providing dental care to our patients in need and pursuing my interests in the art and science of dentistry is a healthy passion of mine. Striving for my highest potential and providing for others is fulfilling.

It makes me feel wonderful when a patient’s says “I trust you” or “I can tell that you are passionate about dentistry.”

Please share! I am always interested in learning about new ideas and fun adventures from my patients.

I personally thank you for taking the time to review our Website.


Dr Kevin Landers

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