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Dark Tooth Treatments

Pre-existing factors that influence the predictability of treatment outcomes
____ Extra visits will be needed to optimize color match.
____ Dead teeth may further darken over time.
____ Thin tissue biotypes are less predictable
____ Matching Low value (lightness and darkness) teeth is more predictable
____ Opaque or flat teeth are easier to match.
____ Close-fitting bites relationships which leave very little room to shape tooth.
____ Poor quality or quantity of remaining tooth structure.
____ High lip lines will show more of the dark tooth and gums. Patients with high lip lines should consider the benefits of more comprehensive treatments.
____ Treatment results will not be 100% perfect- Greatly improved!

Services for Dark Tooth
 Masking tooth with white opaque tooth paint -with out removing tooth structure.
 Masking tooth with white opaque tooth paint – removing some tooth structure. Remove a small amount of tooth near the root in order to create space for a white opaque tooth paint. This will slightly weaken your tooth but will help to block out the darker color shadow on your gums above your tooth.
 Zirconia coping Sleeve! While this adds expense this is a great option and results with all porcelain crowns are more predictable.
 Zirconia Post Vs Metal Post

Material Choices:
 All porcelain Crowns can be translucent (allow light to shine through) or opaque (flat and do not allow much light to shine through.
 Porcelain Fused to metal crown. A PFM crown more predictably blocks out the dark root but the metal in the PFM crown often casts it own dark shadow.
 Gum graft to thicken tissues above the dark tooth. High lip lines will show more gums and increase the value of comprehensive treatment.

The Thicker the porcelain on the front of the tooth, the more material is available to block out the darker tooth color. In addition this extra space can be used for a coping sleeve.

 If there is enough quality and quantity of remaining tooth structure. More tooth from the front of the dark tooth can be removed to make space for thicker porcelain crown.
 Use more dental restorations on adjacent teeth to create a more balanced life-like color match. If there is room and its an esthetic improvement, the adjacent veneers will sit slightly more forward of the dark tooth. This in turn will allow for more material on the front of the dark tooth uniform thickness.
 Bleach root before treatment. In most cases the tooth color will darken over time.

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