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Root Coverage Benefits

A gum grafting has been recommended. Attached gum tissue (root coverage) is important because exposed roots are soft.

10 Benefits of Root Coverage

  1. Exposed roots are susceptible to cavities
  2. Exposed roots are more easily dissolve (disappear over time) from the acidic oral environment.
  3. Exposed roots that are softer are more susceptible to wear from normal toothbrush abrasion.
  4. Root coverage also has the benefit to protect roots from sensitivity.
  5. Over time exposed roots may form V-shaped indentations that weaken the tooth. Teeth with V-shaped indentations are susceptible to breakage.
  6. Surface of the root is close to the nerve of the tooth. V-shaped lesions can increase in size of cause tooth nerve problems, which could lead to the need for a root canal.
  7. Exposed roots with V-shaped wear may allow bacteria to leak under dental restorations (crowns and fillings).
  8. Exposed Roots are yellow and will not respond well to dental teeth whitening procedures. Exposed roots are very sensitive to tooth whitening procedures.
  9. Exposed roots give an the appearance of longer teeth (“Long in tooth” sign of aging)
  10. Gum recession on any given tooth can affect the gum & bone height on adjacent teeth.

*Thickening the existing gum tissue will make the gum tissue more resilient to future recession of both gum and bone.

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