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Specialized Medical Camera

Macro photography requires specialize lenses, flash systems, and a trained experienced Dentist or dental technician. With out exception, a cosmetic dentist will use a specialized medical camera. This specialized camera is used to create

  1. Before and after pictures for patient communication.
  2. Communication between the Cosmetic dentist and the dental Lab technician
  3. A record to be review by the dentist as a measure for self-improvement.
  4. Medical documentation for legal and insurance reimbursement purposes.
  5. Records for teaching and evolution of the science of dentistry
  6. Amazing Post treatment portraits to celebrate completion of treatment and share with patients.

Note about photographic Communication with the dental lab
The lab technician is the team member who will create the tooth like restorations i.e. veneers or crowns. Digital photography is required to communicate the following information to the cosmetic technician:

  • Tooth shades of color: (Hue, value, Chroma)
  • Light behavior patterns (fluorescence, opalescence, and transparency)
  • Tooth Light reflective patterns -from macro to micro tooth anatomy

Most Macro anatomy tooth shape, form, length, width should be controlled by the cosmetic dentist. Digital photography of surface anatomy and tooth texture will require macro photography as a means to communicate information to the dental lab technician.

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