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Tips to Finding Reliable Health Information Online

How Can Anyone Know What is True and What is False?


With the Internet, modern patients have a vast resource of information. But mixed in with this abundance of information is a lot of misinformation.

There is no doubt that learning about dental treatments and doing research is a great way for you to become more informed about your options. At the least, you will gain dental knowledge and background, which will in turn help you to better understand treatment explanations.

Ultimately your best option is to find a skilled and experienced professional you can trust, a person who respects your need to stay informed and be involved in treatment decisions. A trusted experienced care provider will best understand your condition and how it relates to optimal treatments. In addition to treatment recommendations, a caring doctor will evaluate the causes of your dental problem and recommend a long-term preventative plan.


As You Continue Your Online Research, Please Consider the Following Tips Regarding Reliable Online Health Information.

Avoid Dental Website Templates & Look For The Credentials Of The Author
(i.e. is it the doctor/owner? Or at least a health care professional?)

Dr. Kevin Landers F.A.A.C.D.
Dr. Kevin Landers F.A.A.C.D.

Is the content you are reading written by the doctor who owns the site or is the site just a template of information provided by a website company?

Professional writers are hired by doctors to create content for their websites and blogs. These template websites are written by a person you will never meet. Furthermore, these sites are not written by the doctor you are seeking and wanting to learn about.

The time you spend reading content on this site is time well spent learning about the doctor you may choose to complete your dental treatment.

Dental Speaker & Educator

*This Site Is Written By The Owner Dr. Kevin Landers.

It’s His Passion.





Its our Goal to Help You Find Quality Care
How to find the Best Cosmetic Dentist In Chicago
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View “Before & Afters” of Real Patients

Review treatments which are the same as or similar to the treatment you are seeking. 
Our Smile gallery is one of the best comprehensive single doctor galleries in the world.
We hope that it helps you or a friend find the quality dental care you are seeking.

Read Reviews

Our reputation has been formed over the past 25+ years by patients like you who have found us on the internet. For years, our patients have been asking Dr. Landers to share their success stories. Please take the time to review these stories written by our patients with the goal to help you find our high quality care.

Watch Videos of Existing Patients.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read.

Make Notes and Bring Your Questions to a Professional You Can Trust.

Evaluate Corporate “Franchised” Dental Websites For Bias and Conflict of Interest.

Is the office Reputable And Safe: Patient Safety And Advanced Diagnostics




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