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Top 25 Dental Fears & Our Solutions

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Fear of Dentistry
Fear of the Dentist
Dental Office
Causes of Dental Fears /Past Experience
Pre-Existing Stress and Anxiety Disorders
Cost & Insurance
Your Unique Personal Preferences & Related Fears
Your Medical History Vs Fear of Potential Side Effects

Its been reported that as many as 75% of adults in the united states have at least a small degree of dental anxiety, and 5-10% report dental phobias.

Finding a caring compassionate dentist is an important first step, but it’s a known fact that facing one’s own fears followed by effective patient/doctor communication is your best route for optimal success.

"Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.
If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it.
Go out and get busy." - Dale Carnegie

7-Step Process Proven to Help Reduce Dental Fairs, Anxiety & Pain
Step #1 Review Dental Fears & Solutions
Step #2 Review Self-Help Strategies To Decrease Dental Pain & Fears
Step #3 Do Your Research & Choose A Caring Compassionate Dentist
Step #4 Fill Out Our Bad Dental Experience Patient Communication E-Form
Step #5 Communicate Your Preferences
Step #6 Communicate Your Fears To Your Dentist
Step #7 Use Relaxation Techniques To Stay Calm During Treatment


Fear of Dentistry


Very few people like to be uncomfortable. It comes down to how strong is your fear and how well have you learned to manage it. Good news is, at our office we don’t even need to use the word “pain” and our patients don’t have to either.

Our Solutions Read these related topics
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The Wow Experience (5-Steps For Painless Dental injections)
10 Dental Treatments that Greatly Reduce Your Chances Pain During & After Treatment
3D/4D Dentistry
Improving Treatment in 2019: Top 20 Dental Technologies for Patients
Pampering Our Guests “Our Comfort Menu”

Fear of Dental Treatment will go wrong
Hitting the nerve during a routine
Tooth will break during extractions


Fear of Dental Instruments or Just the Needle

Our solution
We feel its common courtesy, so we routinely cover unpleasant looking dental instruments and always keep the needle out of site.

The Wow Experience (5-Steps For Painless Dental injections) Read More…


Sounds of the Dental Drill

Our Solutions

Noise cancelling headphonesSee our Comfort Menu

Cell-Optic Hand Piece Technology: Gentle Silence* a bright light source built into the head of the dental drill. Saves tooth structure, reduces vibration and sound, helps to prevent root canals, and decreases chair time with your mouth open. Read More…


Smell & Taste

Our Damage Control Solutions

Bad Taste
You raise your hand and we offer a rinse. At our office we routinely review non-verbal signals which are used to communicate to the doctor and assistant. Some of our patients use hand signals to communicate a dislike for the certain tastes. As soon as they signal us, we quickly offer a rinse. If you are a person with sensitive taste buds its likely we will prepare your in advance of any unpleasant tasting materials. This will allow you the chance to be mentally prepared and be ready to quickly sit forward and rinse.

Bad Smells
Aromatherapy diffusers diffuse lavender essential oil with the ability to ease nervous tension, help relieve pain, and enhance blood circulation. During your appointment, our friendly staff will offer you a warm blanket to complete your feeling of well-being. After treatment, warm lemon or lavender scented towels are offered to freshen your hands and face.

See Our Comfort Menu


Gag Reflex

Self help relaxation techniques, controlled breathing and distractions such as music or videos can work wonders to help reduce the gagging. Some people find that a gag reflex is stronger in the morning and thus schedule afternoon appointments. With very strong gag reflexes, nitrous oxide can help greatly.

Our Solutions
Touch Free X-rays
Use Our Suggested:
Distractions Like Music
If your gag reflex is stronger in the morning, schedule Afternoon appointments
Nitrous oxide: reduces the sensations that case a Gag Reflex


Being Unable to Breath During Dental Treatment

Our Solution
You can breathe better during dental treatments if you have a clean clear nasal passage. Make sure your nose is clean and clear before dental treatments.

You might consider nasal strips.

If you have a stuffy nose or allergies you may consider using decongestant sprays like Afrin before Dental treatments.

Common Causes for Nasal Congestion

  • Acute or Chronic sinusitis (sinus infection)
  • Allergies
  • Common cold
  • Deviated septum

If none of the solutions above work for you and you still can’t breath through your nose, you may have complete nasal blockage. It you suspect the later, you should definitely remind Dr Landers at every visit. Dr Landers will refer you to an ear nose and throat doctor for treatment.


Fear of a Bad News

If you have always had bad check ups there is likely a reason. People who experience a higher incidence of dental problems will more likely to fear bad news at dental check ups.

Our Solutions
At our office we offer both treatments and a review of the cause of the Dental Problem. Connecting the problem and the cause is unique to each person and its often multifactorial. For this reason, it requires a doctor with experience who cares enough to review a causes, preventative treatments, and a long term plan.

Our Basic Suggestions

  • Use advanced Diagnostics to find Hidden causes of Dental Problems
  • Catch Up & Comprehensively Fix all dental problems. Starting with bad dental problems first
  • Choose preventative care ie a deep cleaning for optimal gum health
  • Brush and floss Regularly (Use Proper Techniques)
  • Choose Long Lasting dental treatments ie Large White Plastic Fillings (Composite fillings) on back crushing chewing molars may not last long. While Porcelain Restorations are more expensive they outlast plastic fillings.
  • Manage Grinding and Clinching habits
  • Use a Fluoride rinse at home
  • Regular Check Ups 2 /year


Fear You Have Bad Breath

Our Solution

Fresh Breath Treatment
Experts say at least 90% of all bad breath originates in the mouth. Less than 5% of bad breath is due to gastric reflux from foods in your stomach.

Basic dental hygiene that includes brushing and flossing is important, but Read More…


Environmentally Sensitive Patient –Fear Reactions To Dental Metal & Materials

Our Solution

  1. Let us know your sensitivities to dental materials.
  2. If you are unsure please take the “MELISA Test.” This test diagnosis of metal allergies to dental fillings and implants.


A Fear The Dentist Is Not Empathetic Or Might Embarrass You

Fear of Poor Patient/Doctor Communication ie Being Pressured to Start Treatment

Habit #3
Options Are Presented Before Treatment Begins. No Pressure To Start!

  • What You Should Expect On Your First Visit
  • Best Treatment Options Are Presented First
  • Computerized treatment Grouping & Sequencing For efficient Appointment Scheduling
  • 5-Steps to a Beautiful Smile “Records & Forms”

Read More…


Fear of Poor Patient/Doctor Communication: Scolded or Embarrassed about your Current Condition

Our Doctor is Caring and Compassionate and excited to help. Dr Landers will never scold anyone for dental problems. Staying focused on the vision of your health and beauty, he will kindly present your dental treatment options.


Fear There Is No Treatment For Your Specific Dental Problem

Dedicated to those who are seeking the world’s finest comprehensive restorative care, Dr. Landers travels around the world to train & bring hard to find services to Chicago. We also use 3D/4D Advanced Diagnostic procedures to assure accurate diagnosis & patient safety. Odds are Dr. Landers will offer you the treatment you are seeking.

Procedures & Treatments We Offer

One Dentist For All Your Needs


Fear you will be Sold Treatments You don’t Need or Want Or Fear That You May Not Be Offered The Best Treatment Options Available

Your best dental-care decisions involve criteria that matter to you personally. There are many different personality types, budgets, all with variable treatment preferences. Some consider it a “waist time” to reviewing second choice alternative treatment options. These patients only want to review the risk benefit assessment related only to best treatments available.

And yet, there is an entirely different group of patients who have not budgeted for the optimal treatments and feel pressured if these choices are presented. In all cases, its best if you let the doctor review your best options first, and then review a few treatment alternatives. After this treatment presentation, make your own decision. Dr Landers never pressures his patients. If you are not comfortable regarding any treatments presented at our office, you are encouraged to communicate your concerns with our doctor. Secondly, you should share your preference before and during treatment presentations.

Here how we do it


You Are Always Informed, Educated, And Involved In Treatment Decisions

  • If it’s true that a picture is worth a 1000 words, then our patients have the option to view a huge wealth on information in our Smile Gallery.
  • Our Doctors Commitment To Inform And Educate Is Well Supported By The 100’s Of Informative Pages He Created For You On This Website.
  • “Review All Of The Details & You Decide” Or “Trust The Doctor To Decide”… Please Share Your Preference.

Read More…

Intra-Oral Camera: See what the doctor sees. A Small miniature camera takes close up images of your teeth. These images are viewable on a large computer screen. This technology allows you and Dr Landers to view dental problems together. In Short, it helps to build patient knowledge and trust. Pictures are saved in your file and may optionally be used to help increase insurance reimbursement. Read more… – Not sure what this should link to

Best Treatment Options Are Presented First

Read More…

Do your homework:
Check out reviews
Check out Before and After of Real Patients of Record
Be informed and educated before treatments start


Fear of Office Related Problems

Germophobic -Phobia of Sanitation, Cleanliness, And Germs
We are a Sterilization Certified Office


Fear of Old Outdated Dental Equipment “Fear its Not Safe”

See Patient Safety & Advanced Diagnostics
Improving Treatment in 2019 -Top 20 Dental Technologies for Patients


Fear You Don’t Have Enough Time for Treatment

One Doctor For All Of Your Needs (No Need To See Multiple Dentists)

Grouping Treatments Saves Time
Fast & Same Day Treatments Available



Causes Of Dental Fears /Bad Past Experience

A Bad Dental Experience As A Child?

Painful Dental experience in the past directly impacts how you feel today. This is the reason why we have created systems that work. These E-forms will you outline and identify your specific concerns. When our patients use “Our communication E-forms,” it will help Dr Landers help you.

Bad Dental Experience Patient Communication E-Form
Pain Management Patient Communication E-Form

At our office, it is commonplace to comfort patients who are jaded by past dental experiences. Dr. Landers is attentive to your disposition, because many of our new patient consultations are patients just like you. Patients seeking second opinions for the best care treatments to Fix Bad fake dentistry.


Suffering The Effects “Bad/ Fake” Cosmetic Dentistry

Are there times you don’t smile with the attempt to hide dental problems? Many people smile less or stop smiling all together because of the embarrassing effects of “bad fake dentistry.”

We do this type of dentistry all day long, so we are confident we can help you. Yes it’s may take more time and may require additional procedures to fix. But the end result and having the smile your deserve, its definitely worth it.

How can we help? At this point, unless you call us, the only thing we can do is provide evidence of our success with the goal to help you feel more confident with your decision. Seeing is believing: check out our results from 1000’s of real patients we have already helped. With this goal in mind, Dr Landers has organized and shared his treatments results online.

Natural Looking Veneers & Crowns
Replacing Old Bad Fake Veneers & Crowns
Dark Grey Dead Tooth Treatment
Extra White Veneers & Crowns (Upon Request)

Take the First Step “Call Us” or Use E- Forms
5-Steps to a Beautiful Smile (Records & Forms)
Second Opinion Dentist

What Is Bad Fake Dentistry?
We have come to realize that the answer to this question is uniquely different for each and everyone of our patients. For example, some patients want “natural looking Veneers & crowns” created to match natural teeth, while others want a Hollywood type smile and prefer extra white teeth. And of course, there are many people in-between. In either case, review our smile galleries and when you see a case you like, take a cell phone image and save it for your consult visit with Dr Landers.

How We Customize Your Smile
Its important to note that we are not like any other dentist office you may have visited. Dr Landers does smile designs treatments and pretreatment planning chair side with the patient. We have created a slide show/video to help you better understand how we do smile design. Watch it, it will help you understand how we consistently achieve excellence results.

If you are suffering from the effects of Bad/Fake dentistry, it’s certainly understandable that you may have lost some degree of confidence in dentists or even the dental profession. We understand!

Lindsay“(I went to Dr. Landers for) New Porcelain Veneers to replace and fix fake bad dentistry – Lindsay

It’s our goal to customize our treatments for all of our existing and new patients. If you have had a bad dental experience, and you would like to give us more detail, please filling out our
Bad Dental Experience Patient communication E-form.”



Pre-Existing Stress & Anxiety Disorders Associated with Dental Fears

We want to do everything in our power to help but if you suspect you have a type of Anxiety disorders we suggest you seek professional help.

  • OCD -Obsessive compulsive disorder -excessive perfectionism
  • PTSD -Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder -Worry About The Unknown When you don’t Have Complete Control Of A Situation.
  • Claustrophobia is the fear of having no escape, and being closed into a small space
  • “Germophobic” Phobia of Sanitation, Cleanliness, And Germs
  • Depressive disorders
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Social phobia


Fear of Cost & Insurance

For most of us, price is very important.
      For many of us, value is more important.

Quality Safe Dental Care at a Fair Price
We embrace the concepts of systemic oral health and responsible esthetics. Our philosophy is to keep up to date on the latest products and technologies inorder to provide the best treatment for our patients. Our dental treatments and procedures provided are not limited by dental insurance contracts.

We Present Best Option First Following By Alternative Treatment Options….
You Decide Based On Your Own Personal Budget

To simplify treatment presentations, we will always start by presenting the best options first. Most of our patients choose the high quality care treatments. If high quality choice is financially overwhelming, we will offer you alternative treatment choices. “Its all good” …. we like to help. There is nothing wrong with asking Dr Landers for a plan that better suits your budget.

While treatment plans vary and often depend on individual budgets, please try not to let cost stop you from completing needed treatment.

Read About…
14-Ways –We Save Our Patients Time & Money
14-Common Insurance Restrictions, Limitations, and Exclusions


How Our Office Helps With Insurance
While not all dental offices submit dental insurance and subsequently wait for insurance payment. Upon your request and as a service to our patients, our office will submit and track your insurance claims for 42 days.

Read More…


Fear Insurance Will Not Pay Estimated Portion
Dental insurance is a highly complex area that creates confusion for many dental patients. The complexities of dental insurance and lack of sufficient information provided by some insurance companies make it almost impossible for some patients or medical office personal to determine an exact amount for your insurance benefits.

Read More…


Fear Manage Care Insurance Contract Will Affects The Dentist Ability To Provide Quality Care
Insurance plans put perverse incentives in place for in-network dentists. When dentists become part of these networks, they agree to procedure limitations, restrictions, and controlled reimbursement fees set by insurance Company.


5-Simplified Truths About Dental Insurance

Read More…


Your Unique Personal Preferences & Related Fears

Personal Space

Personal Space –uncomfortable with others being too close

Interestingly a few of our patients during the past 25+ years have initially reported a fear of closeness. But everyone of them soon felt comfortable with Dr Landers.

If you feel this way or have felt this way in the past, you can inform Dr Landers. Subsequently he will offer to prescribe Valium, or nitrous oxide.

Relaxation techniques and other distractions may also be helpful.

See Our Comfort menu


Sensitive Gag Reflex

Also See Dentistry


Chair Reclining Too Far Back

Our Solution
Patient doctor Communications
If you experience Unsteadiness or Vertigo when being reclined in a dental chair please let us know.

And Dr Landers routinely puts his hand on a patients shoulder before and while reclining his patients.


Back Pain

Our Solutions
Do You Ever Experience Back Pain When Sitting In A Dental Chair?
Ask for our neck, back, & leg support pillow Cushions?

Provides support and comfort while reducing pressure on the tailbone and promotes healthy posture
Helps with:

  • Lower Back Problems
  • Hip Pain
  • Sitting Discomfort During Pregnancy


Your Medical History Vs Fear of Potential Side Effects

  • My teeth are extremely sensitive
  • I bruise easily
  • I have Diabetes and It take me longer to heal
  • I might be allergic or sensitive to certain dental materials and medicaments
  • I do not react well to dental anesthetic (ie Novocain)
  • I’m allergic to Penicillin



At our office, it is commonplace to comfort patients who are jaded by past dental experiences. Dr. Landers is attentive to your disposition, because many of our new patient consultations are patients just like you.

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence
by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
You are able to say to yourself, 'I lived through this horror.
I can take the next thing that comes along." - Eleanor Roosevelt

We’re in… how about your? After reviewing the above fears make some notes and let us know your preferences. Better yet take the next step:

Bad Dental Experience Patient Communication E-form

When it comes to your comfort, expressions of care alone are not enough. This is the exact reason why we have dedicated substantial portion of our website to the keys to comfortable dentistry.

Dental Sedation
If none of the available options help you with your the fears ask about our dental sedation options.

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