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5 Steps – How Clear Teeth Aligners Work

Stereolithography & 3D Printing

  1. Models of your teeth are digitally scanned in order to create a 3D computer image file of your pre treatment tooth position.
  2. This 1:1 digital model of your teeth (actual size of your teeth) can be altered/moved in a 3D computer software.
  3. Following orthodontic principles for established rates of movements, in the computer software the teeth are moved at .5mm per tray.
  4. Using stereolithography and 3D printing a new tray is made with for every .5mm movement of the digital computerized model.
  5. Each tray is sequentially different and will move your teeth .5mm in the direction of the final position. The clear teeth aligners are to be change every two weeks. You wear a sequence of trays until the movement is complete.
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