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Flex Spending

Preventive treatment and regularly scheduled care are two important keys for enjoying good oral health, comfort, and reducing dental expenses. Many minor concerns can be taken care of in a preventive manner before they become major problems.

Flex Spending Accounts

Some of our patient may have an employee benefit that is known as a flex spending account. Our computerized treatment plans include detailed lists of treatments with the current CDT codes that you need for flex spending accounts.  Since these treatments can be arranged priority order, with urgent treatments first and preventative treatments toward the end of the treatment list, you can choose which treatment you plan to finish for the following year. Or plan to maximize insurance and spread treatments over several years.

The computerized treatment plan includes estimated amounts for treatment. This in turn helps our patients to plan ahead and set aside pre-tax monies for next year’s dental needs. If you have questions concerning “Flex Spending Accounts” please check with your human relations department.

Annual Insurance Coverage Maximum (Yearly Maximum)

Many dental patients do not realize each dental insurance plan has a dollar amount limitation each year. Once this limit is reached, no other services will be covered by your dental insurance company regardless how essential the service may be to your dental health. Conversely, unused yearly benefits do not roll over to the following year. In other words, if these benefits are not used, you loose 100% of any unused benefit from the past years.

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