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Our patients have been asking Dr. Landers for years to create a website which hosts their results and testimonials. It’s real people who found us online reaching out to you, with the goal to help you find one doctor for all of your needs.

With 100’s of online reviews we know it’s difficult to read them all and find topics related to your specific treatments and concerns. Throughout our website, and for you convenience, we sorted and categorized clips from online reviews by specific topics of interest.

“He is by far the most brilliant dentist I’ve ever come across”. – Gina 11/5/2015

“Dr. Landers is extremely knowledgeable and can answer any questions you have.” – Aerial 7/25/2016

“I understand a preponderance of evidence will eventually reveal some truth about the quality of the service, so I am doing my part to add to that evidence. Dr. Landers is the best cosmetic dentist in Chicago”. – Jidong, 12 veneers, 3/29/2010

“I chose Dr. Landers because I wanted the Best Cosmetic Dentist for my Smile!” – Lisa

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