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7- Patient Benefits For Cell Optic Technology

Precise-Conservative Dentistry -Avoid Root Canals & Avoid Tooth Cracks 

Accuracy Comfort Confidence

Patients are rarely educated about the significance of dental handpiece technology. Long story short, its extremely important. Tooth shaping & contouring is an essential part of everyday dentistry. And this is why our office uses the best in the world. …It’s the safest choice for our patients and most accurate.

Clinically, the fiber optic dental hand piece illuminates deep areas of your tooth structure. The improved vision not only allows Dr. Landers to more accurately remove dental decay (ie not leave decay behind), but also helps to avoid the nerve of your tooth. The end result is precise-conservative dentistry. Fiber Optic technology will afford a better chance to avoid Root canals therapy.

Smooth “brush like” strokes, controlled balance, access and vision means safe and accurate tooth shaping. Smooth Vibration-free dental handpiece means your tooth structure is not weakened by micro cracking.



Handpiece Specifications

Patient Benefits & Safety

#1 Ultra-smooth performance Weight and balance Safe and accurate tooth shaping
#2 Access and vision Will Fiber optic handpiece technology Dr Landers can see deep into your tooth and from all angles. Remember dentist have to work on a small tooth, in a dark oral cavity. When working on top teeth or sides opposite of seating position, dentists shape teeth using a reverse reflection in a dental mirror. Access & Vision are Extremely Important! Better access and vision also means decreases chair time with your mouth open.
#3 Reduces sound and provides virtually vibration-free operation Who likes the sound of a Drill? Not many people. Its more pleasant. More importantly sound reduction is a direct result of  “less vibration.” This will afford a better chance to avoid Micro cracking of your tooth structure. For small cavities we also use micro abrasion.
#4    5-spray ports clear debris Clear debris to provide an optimal view of the working surface. Effectively cool tooth structure while shaping or removing decay. Your Benefits: again Avoid unnecessarily removing healthy tooth structure, or tooth nerve heat damage, and avoid root canals.
#6   Unibody design Simplifies handpiece cleaning, maintenance, and sterilization
#7    Precision ball-bearings Exceptional tactile feedback to the dentist. Precise brush like strokes with optimal tactile pressure while your tooth being shaped or decay is removed. A high precision instrument is priceless to a caring doctor who’s goal is to provide Precise-Conservative Dentistry.


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