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13 Abnormalities Revealed By A Smile

It’s True, a Beautiful Healthy Smile Says A Lot About You

One glimpse at another person’s smile can reveal a magnitude of subconscious information. Much like your skin, eyes, hair, or fingernails, your teeth, gums, tongue, along with the form and function of your mouth give a unique perspective into the inner workings of general and oral health and life style habits. Check out our Smile gallery to see the bright and healthy smiles our patients enjoy: Professional Whitening Smile Gallery

  1. Stained teeth may be a suggestion as it relates to your lifestyle habits like smoking, tea, wine, and coffee.
  2. Yellow teeth suggest to an onlooker that your teeth are dirty.  Yellow Teeth Look Dirty The Innocent TruthWatch this Video
  3. Increased Length & narrowing of the lower 3rd of one’s face suggest:
    • Breathing disorders
    • Cold /Allergies
    • Partial or full Nasal airway blockage
    • Sinus infection
    • etc.
      Mouth breathing affects the growth and development of the length & width of the lower 3rd of one’s face. Along with this narrowing of the lower third is a tendency toward a narrow bony & tooth arch form, & teeth crowding.
  4. Open Bite tooth position (maxillary arch tipped upward) due to tongue trust during swallowing or forward tongue posture during rest. Forward posturing or forward movement of the tongue may be a result of a tongue habit but more commonly the tongue postures or moves forward during swallowing. Tongue movement forward clears airway during swallowing if there airway blockage from tonsils & adenoids. This forward posture or movement of the tongue as it presses against the back or goes between the upper and lower teeth leads to an open bite malocclusion in the anterior (negative overbite).
  5. Lesions, Pumps, or Swellings suggest the presence of tooth, gum & bone infections, oral diseases or cancer.
  6. Red Gums is a direct result of Periodontal gum disease. It suggests bad breath & disease
  7. Tooth Acidic erosion, wear or chipped teeth are statistically associated with Sleep disorders (sleep apnea). Acidic errosion of tooth enamel also but less commonly reveals a recurrent vomiting disorder: nervous eating disorder called bulimia. Acidic erosion of tooth & root may also suggest medical conditions associated with Gastric reflux GERD, problems with indigestion, frequent belching habit (emitting acidic gas noisily from the stomach through the mouth).
  8. Sticky Slurred speech from Dry mouth. Dry mouth has many causes i.e. dehydration, mouth breathing as a result of breathing disorders, side effects of medications, mouth breathing during extended physical activity, diabetes etc. Dry mouth causes sticky slurred speech, and dry up saliva, which decreases its ability of saliva to neutralize cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Dry mouth also occurs from and implies fear, stress, anxiety, and depression.
  9. Maligned or crooked teeth may be judged as evidenced of your social status. Maligned teeth are more difficult to keep clean. As a result, this increases statistical occurrence of gum disease and cavities.
  10. Chipped, broken, dark dead teeth reveal a history of trauma, and may suggest a reckless lifestyle or unwillingness to seek quality care.
  11. Diabetes & Cardiovascular diseases are statistically related to an increased tendency of oral diseases.
  12. Excessive uncontrolled oral habits. clinching, fingernail biting, cheek/ pen biting, or nighttime teeth grinding may suggest nervous twitching or quirky habits. Read More…..While not documented well, oral habits are very common. Chipping, wear, tooth migration (movement) are common side effects of day and night time oral habits. If you have these habits you should know, it’s a statistical fact that your dental crowns and fillings are 230% more likely to break.
  13. Gum Recession, darkening, wear, chipping & cracking as it relates to the aging smile.
  14. Gummy Smile suggests irregular tooth irruption pattern, small or short teeth, or teeth wear with extrusion (gum & bone follow the downward movement of upper teeth as they wear). The later wear and movement can be a result of a genetic edge to edge alignment of upper and lower teeth. Should be noted that there are other reasons for a gummy smile. Non-the less, its presence suggests abnormal form and development.
  15. Bad Fake Dentistry Presence of any of the above problems, conditions and bad fake dentistry suggest to the onlooker a lack of interest to seeking quality care. Additionally it suggests, that you are not taking care of your oral hygiene at home.
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