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5-Ways We Achieve Excellence

#1 To Achieve Excellence You Must Be “Caring And Compassionate”

Without care and compassion, the skills of the doctor may not matter because very few patients will remain for treatment. Please review “Our Superior Care Habits”

#2 To Achieve Excellence You Must Build On A “Concrete Strategy & Plan”

We have been successfully matching patients’ needs and desires with custom treatment options since 1989.

Cost-benefit assessments & multiple treatment options are clearly presented before treatment begins!

Treatment Planning System

Second Opinion Dentist

What to Expect On Your First Visit


#3 To Achieve Excellence You Must Have The Skills & Be Willing To Invest In Patient Safety & Advanced Diagnostics

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Landers has furthered his expertise in esthetics by attending 1000+ hours of additional continuing education. For more information please review Dr. Landers Bio

One of the first steps you can take towards a successful procedure is to become an educated consumer. Read about Patient Safety & Advanced Diagnostics and how we have made the smart choices to protect you by investing in our advanced care center where your procedure will be performed.

#4 To Achieve Excellence You Must Be Willing To Work Hard

Driven to keep up with the advancements in dental science and clinical care, Dr. Landers admires and respects many great dentists from the past while following the research of forward thinking colleagues. His current and ongoing quest for knowledge and combined clinical experience, affords his patients with virtually all current dental options.

#5 To Achieve Excellence You Must be Adaptable

Achieving excellent results is one of the foremost objectives of a quality, caring doctor.

It’s common knowledge that the skill to be adaptive is one of the essential pillars for achieving excellence. While it’s not a pleasant topic, the possibility treatment can change is a reality. Case in point:

consider the following:


14 Realisms That May Change The Course Of Treatment, Affect Healing Times, Or Increase The Incidence Of Side Effects & Pain 


Highly skilled and experienced doctors can very accurately predict treatment outcomes and inform patients of potential side effects. On the other hand, no doctor can promise perfect results 100% of the time. If your goal is to achieve excellence, you will need to be open minded to the possibility of change and choose a doctor you trust who has the experience, ability, and the resolve to be adaptive.



Dr. Landers has the passion to achieve excellence and fortitude to adapt as needed. Trained in all disciplines of dentistry, and with 25+ years of experience treating complex and multi-disciplinary cases, Dr. Landers is ready to solve virtually every dental problem. Respecting his patient’s will to choose, Dr. Landers routinely informs his patients of the possible risks and benefits of treatment. As evidence of this, he has customized over a hundred consent forms.


Dr. Landers respects his patient’s ability to make informed decisions by providing them with sufficient information so that they can freely, voluntarily, and rationally participate in treatment decisions.


One dentist, one location, with the foresight to plan and complete all of your treatment needs.


We Hope you try our office for your dental needs!



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