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“Before & After” Real Patients

“Seeing Is Believing” 180,000 Before And After Pictures To Date

Before and after pictures of actual patients are the true tests of the skill of the cosmetic dentist. Dr. Landers has portfolios of hundreds of his own cases for you to look at. The goal is to give you confidence after viewing the truly amazing results. Our Smile Gallery is unique, as images are categorized by Dental Problem and sorted by specific treatments. Check it Out…

Denise“I can honestly say my teeth are more beautiful and more vibrant than when I was in my 20s. He is the best!‎” – Denise

How to Find the Best Online Smile Gallery

Make sure images are of real patients and that the doctor you are considering for treatment completed all treatments. Many dentists have generic online before and after photo albums. These shared online albums include photographs of cosmetic cases not treated by the doctor who owns the site.

Other doctors show case before and after images of their patients for leave out the detail that multiple dentists and specialists completed the treatments. When viewing before and after images, it’s a good idea to ask if “all treatments were completed by the doctor presenting the case.” Or ask if there were other specialists involve in treatment of a particular case. Common example is implant dentistry because there are often multiple dentists involved:

  • One dentist for surgical implant placement
  • Another who places the implant crown

With regard to the dental implant example above, Dr Landers starts with pre-treatment smile design. This is called a cosmetically driven treatment plan. Moving forward with treatments, Dr Landers surgically places the dental implant in the ideal esthetic position. Dr Landers also cosmetic restores implants with implant crowns. In fact, Dr Landers completed all treatments for the implant cases viewable in our smile gallery. This also includes pre-treatment a-traumatic extractions, gum, & bone grafting.


  • See BOTH: “Before Treatment” and “After Treatment Images”
  • Real Patients of record not models or generic photo albums.
  • View “Before and After” images for the specific treatments you are seeking

Don’t Be Tricked by

  • “Stock Photos” of a Beautiful Model
  • “Templates of Text”
  • “Fake Award Scams”
  • “After Pictures Only” (With No Before Image)

Showcasing beautiful “After Photos” of an attractive model is the most common smile gallery trick used online. Don’t be mislead by a “wistful mindset” created by viewing beautiful model. Be Smart, ask to see the before picture. After pictures of beautiful models & their smile and video testimonials does not help anyone evaluate treatment results. Many people have beautiful natural looking smiles before treatment. You need to see the “before treatment images” of patients before work is started and know what treatments were completed by the doctor you are considering for treatment.

Ken“I found Dr. Landers online, seeing the before and after pictures were helpful in making my decision”. – Ken

Our Smile gallery is one of the best comprehensive single doctor galleries in the world. We hope that it helps you or a friend find quality dental care.

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