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Electronic Second Opinion For Hidden Dental Cavities

Note Sure If You Have Cavities?


“In one click” A powerful computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) tool validates whether or not dental caries are present in your tooth. Logicon Caries Detector Software helps dentists visually analyze radiographs and diagnose caries on none accessible hidden tooth surfaces that are between teeth.

This electronic second opinion allows Dr Landers to easily identify dental cavities in between your teeth. More importantly, this technology helps prevent misdiagnosis and potential unneeded removal of your healthy teeth structure.

Common Example: Do You Trust The Old Dentist Or New Dentist

After years of building a relationship with a trusted hometown dentist, who never told you about any dental problems, it’s understandable you may feel uneasy at a new dental office. Especially if the new dentist is telling you there is decay or even advanced deep decay inside of your tooth or teeth. Unfortunately this is very common dilemma for new patients and moving forward they have to decide whom they can trust.

Trust The Scientific Evidence

At our office we have invested in technologies to protect our patients from undiagnosed decay. Because leaving decay to spread into the tooth nerve can cause loss of healthy tooth structure, pain, and in advanced stages a root canal. At first you may be angry and blame the dentist who delivered the bad news. Independent of your feelings or a personal relationship, be smart and do your research. Choose a caring doctor at an office that can show your scientific evidence and not just an opinion.


Find Out How Technology Can Help You Decide

Watch This Video to View Real Stories of Our Patients Who Benefited From This Amazing Technology

At Our Office You Will Receive Visual Scientific Based Evidence

You will receive reliable probability information on whether or not the teeth cavities, holes, or decay are present.

Click to View Power Point Presentation


At Our Office You Will See Two Computer Screens At The Same Time

One Screen displays a magnified image of your tooth. This image is captured by an intra oral dental Camera.



On the Other Screen you will see X-ray images of your tooth with an overlay of the computer-aided Caries Detection Tool.



Laser Caries Detection -2nd Caries Technology We Offer

(To Drill or Not to Drill)


 A tool you can trust for doubt-free diagnosis

   • Finds hidden cavities: CarieScan laser caries detection is a diagnostic tool that finds cavities on the chewing surfaces or visible areas of your teeth. As a compliment to the the Logicon caries detection which finds hidden cavities in between you teeth. 

   • Most precise caries Detection tool in the world

   • More accurate then clinical exam or x-rays

   • Identifies more decay and identifies it earlier

   • Minimizes false positives (7x Less than Closest competitor)





This is a Video of A real patient at our office receiving the gentle laser caries test.


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Why Not Receive All of Your Choices & Make Your Own Decision?

Advanced diagnostics, a full range of treatment knowledge, and 25+ year experience can make treatment related decisions easier!

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